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Smooth Solutions is proud to announce the latest advancement in the treatment of cellulite and liposculpting--Smooth Shapes® XV!

The Smooth Shapes XV device combines two different lasers to soften rigid cells and release built-up fat. This allows the cells and consequently your skin to lose the bumpy appearance and return to their normal shape and smoothness.

When used in conjunction with Acoustic Wave Therapy™ (or AWT, see below), the results are even better than those obtained using only AWT. In only twelve treatments -- 4 AWT and 8 Smooth Shapes -- you will be amazed by the the results!

AWT works by delivering acoustic pulses to the treatment area. These acoustic pulses induce vibration in the connective tissue in the treatment area which ultimately leads to increased formation of blood vessels and the creation of a new, thickened band of collagen in the upper- and mid-portions of the skin.

The result of this treatment is restored noticeably smoother skin. Noticeable improvement typically occurs between the third and fourth treatment.

Patients are typically treated twice per week for three weeks, with sessions requiring less than a half hour. Patients may wish to have a maintenance session once every three months after completing the program.

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Smooth Shapes XV

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite