Services--Skin Care: Platelet-Rich Plasma and the Vampire Facelift

Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics is now offering Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments that exploit the bodys natural healing abilities.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), first used for tissue engineering, contains seven essential growth factors which are able to stimulate bone and soft tissue healing when injected.

The results of PRP in skin and body procedures include:

  • faster tissue regeneration
  • faster healing time
  • more collagen growth
  • longer fat cell survival when harvested
  • faster correction of scars and acne scars

The Vampire Facelift The vampire facelift is the latest approach to fighting the signs of aging and skin damage using the bodys healing abilities found in ones own blood. The procedure works by extracting a small amount of blood from the patient (normally about a quarter teaspoon), filtering out the platelet rich plasma, and then re-injecting the plasma into problem areas.

Using platelet rich plasma technology found in blood, the Vampire Facelift stimulates collagen and tissue growth in problem areas of the skin such as wrinkles, crows feet, smile lines, and even acne scars.

Dr. Bertolino is proud to offer the Vampire Facelift using Selphyl technology.

Please call Smooth Solutions at 716.633.6100 for a consultation.

If you are on certain medications or have certain medical conditions, this procedure may not be for you. We can help you to determine whether or not Platelet-Rich Plasma is the best procedure to address your skin rejuvenation concerns.

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