Are Bioidentical Hormones Safe?

BHRT is a safe proven alternative that uses compounded, not conventional  or synthetic products. These hormones are plant based and to date are the closest match to the human endocrine system. These hormones balanced effectively, give safe proven results for both health and quality of life.

There have been no cases of breast or uterine cancer with a bioidentical hormone in the literature. So what are the dangers associated with BHRT? Like any medication,  there are precautions. If you remember oral birth control pills can and did course blood clots. If you are monitored appropriately however with proper laboratory evaluation and follow up, this should not be a problem. Individuals especially females can develop some breakthrough bleeding and breast tenderness but these are not symptoms that lead to cancer. All patients need a primary care physician and GYN for continuing care. Mammogram yearly are necessary, and will be required, as in any practice in America.