What does a liposculpture treatment entail?

Firstly, liposculpture using the Vaser  Hi Def ultrasound system, gives the physician the ability to remove both deep and superficial fat cells. Unlike standard liposuction, which only removes deep tissue. The object of removing, and sometimes leaving both superficial and deep fat cells, is to create  true anatomical lines and shadows. Anatomic lines are formed thru manipulation of the skin, to create the male / female form.

Why is liposclupture different to standard liposuction?

Standard liposuction only removes volume and cannot create shape. It is traumatic, with long periods of downtime, and must be done under general anesthesia. Vaser Hi Def ultrasound uses sound waves to fracture the fat cells, which can gently be removed with suction under mild sedation. Once fat cells are removed, they cannot return but can be used to enhance volume in other areas, (the breast or buttock) adding to the process of creating a dynamic anatomical form. It was thought that removing fat can cause cells to migrate to other areas of the body, this has been totally disapproved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.