What is Renuva?

Renuva is a new long-lasting dermal filler made of cadaver fat with the DNA removed. It builds a fat matrix in the face and creates collagen. Dr. Bertolino is the first physician in all of western New York to offer this amazing product.

What is Renuva used for?

RENUVA a new dermal filler product that is natural desiccated cadaver fat with the DNA removed. The fat is rehydrated in the office and injected for volume enhancement and to correct cellulite dimples. It is natural and very long lasting. It is FDA approved. It builds a structural matrix in the face and promotes natural collagen and fat production. People these days complain about “dermal filler fatigue” because standard fillers although cheaper don’t last and don’t build a matrix in the face. This is also approved to fill large cellulite dimples.

What is the advantage of Renuva over traditional dermal fillers?

The procedure takes only a little longer than a standard dermal filler but lasts up to a year or greater. It builds an adipose(fat) matrix in the face that is more natural and longer lasting. Customers talk about “filler fatigue” because fillers don’t last long and they have to go back for another treatment. Dermal fillers don’t produce much collagen.

How much does Renuva cost?

The cost is typically more expensive than standard dermal fillers; however, since there are fewer treatments involved the cost is the same of less in the long run. You can pay now or pay later.

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