Buffalo NY now has Thermismooth 250

ThermiSmooth gets rid of fat that other procedures can’t!

ThermiSmooth 250 LogoThermismooth 250 is a new proprietary technology that uses RF (radio-frequency)to dissolve fat cells both to the subcutaneous(surface)layer, as well as the internal visceral fat layer (layers of fat on the other side of the abdominal wall) where a physician cannot usually do any liposuction procedure.



Get Thermismooth treatment in more than one place, our technology can treat many parts of the body! It has multiple hand pieces to tighten skin on all body parts (face, neck, abdomen, arms, thighs and ankles). It also helps vastly diminish cellulite on women and the novelty, with respect to fat cells, is that it causes APOPTOSIS which is cell death to the internal and external fat cells. Therefore there is NO maintenance, just keep your weight down. It is great for patients who don’t want liposuction and for those who have a lot of internal, visceral fat. Four to six treatments are necessary. A treatment is about 20 minutes long.

ThermiSmooth 250

For more information about ThermiSmooth 250 treatment in Buffalo or Williamsville, NY. Call our office at (716) 633-6100.