What are my Cellulite options?

Happily there are several options available depending on the severity of the grade you have.

  • Unfortunately, there are no permanent options. For grades I-III several options exist
    1. Acoustic Wave Therapy – employs acoustic waves thru gentle pulsations over the problem areas that disrupt the adhesive bands and cause smoothing of skin
    2. Smooth Shapes ( by Cynosure) – employs suction and 2 non ablative lasers to smooth and correct dimples.
      Both treatments cause no pain and no downtime and can be considered if need be

For severe grade III-IV cellulite:

Vaser- Smooth is recommended.

This employs Vaser ultrasound and a special hand piece that can break the adhesive bands under the skin. This like liposculpture is minimally invasive.

What are the costs ,and even though it’s not permanent, how long does it last?

Costs can vary depending on the modality or modalities used. Therefore a consultation with an assessment is necessary. Remember, cellulite is always graded in the upright position, never lying down.

Cellulite therapy can last over a year again depending on the grade and treatments used.

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