The P-Shot® – Using PRP for Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Charles Runels, the famous inventor of the Vampire Facelift® and the O-Shot®, has also applied PRP therapy to combat problems associated with erectile dysfunction. Circulation in the male body decreases as they age, including in the groin area where the ability to attain and maintain an erection can be impacted. Look beyond ED medications – a better solution is the Priapus Shot®.


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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Bertolino has been treating me for about two years. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and has reasonable solutions. You never get the feeling that he is trying to “sell you something “ He actually cares that the services he provides is helping you. And it has helped me. I appreciate his approach and his solutions.”

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What is the P-Shot?

The Priapus Shot uses a patient’s own blood platelets and stem cells to improve penile function. Utilizing the healing and regeneration power of platelets, the P-Shot stimulates new tissue growth and increases blood flow. The P-Shot procedure is a fast, painless injection intended for men who have lost function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, drug side effects, conditions such as diabetes, or the after-effects from surgery.

Named for Priapus, the Greek god of virility, the P-Shot can be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

How does the P-Shot® help with ED?

A doctor holding a medical test tube with latex gloves on that contains platelet-rich plasma. This test tube is for a P-Shot that treats erectile dysfunction in men. The growth factors present in platelet-rich plasma stimulate the growth of new tissue and blood vessels in the penis, increasing the size and blood flow.

The goal of the Priapus Shot® injection is to use PRP to enhance the patient’s erections, enlarge the penis, and create greater sensitivity and thus satisfaction.

How can a patient with ED benefit from the P-Shot®?

The P-Shot® is ideal for enhancing the penis and providing a more pleasurable sex life for aging men. The advantages of the P-Shot® include:

  • Although it will decrease slightly 3-5 days following the initial injections, men will experience an immediately larger penis
  • Firmer and stronger erections
  • Straightening of the penis
  • Increased circulation and blood flow in the penis
  • Increased sensation
  • Enhances the effects of other therapies such as Viagra
  • No allergic reactions

How is the P-Shot® procedure performed?

A medical concept image of the anatomy of a male penisTo begin with, lidocaine cream is applied topically to the patient’s penis. Similarly to the O-Shot®, a small vial of blood is then drawn, and the PRP is separated before a few drops of calcium chloride are added to activate the growth factors.

Next, a tiny needle is used to inject the PRP back into the penis. The injection locations are the corpus cavernosum and the head of the penis. These injection sites and the protocols used are patent protected and performed by physicians trained specifically in PRP treatments.

When will I see my results after I receive the P-Shot?

Improvements in erection quality and duration are immediate. Noticeable increases in size will take a few weeks to allow for tissue regeneration and other growth factors to take effect. Results are variable between patients.

How long will my results from the P-Shot last?

The P-Shot improves symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men for one year. These results can vary between patients, but generally, patients experience stronger, longer, and firmer erections.

The results of the P-Shot® are immediate and increase over the next 2-4 weeks.

What are the alternatives to the P-Shot?

Some degree of erectile dysfunction will impact virtually all men as they pass their 50th or 55th birthday. It’s a simple fact of life as the male circulatory doesn’t deliver the amount of blood to the penis as it did in the patient’s younger days. Also, blood vessels can constrict with age, another widespread part of aging.

The alternative to the P-Shot is the use of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. You know the brand names of these drugs. Most of them have now lost their patent exclusivity and are available by their generic names as well. These are the available drugs:

a doctor sitting in a desk with a pile of blue Viagra pills in his hand.

  • Sildenafil (brand name, Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)

Many men like the idea of the P-Shot because it uses the patient’s own blood platelets to improve circulation, rather than prescription drugs.

Is getting a P-Shot painful?

There is no pain involved. Prior to the procedure, the injection area is fully numbed with topical lidocaine. Dr. Bertolino uses a very fine, short needle for these injections, as well. This isn’t a painful treatment.

Is the P-Shot covered by health insurance?

No. These are considered to be elective procedures, so they are not covered by health insurance.

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