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How do we treat Acne?

For years doctors have been treating acne vulgaris with oral antibiotics. This never really managed the problem, but was cheap through insurance and caused lots of rashes and GI side effects. At Smooth Solutions we treat the source, killing acne on contact with Omnilux Blue LED LIGHT. To manage the inflammation we use Omnilux Red LED light 48 hours later, for a total of 8 light treatments over 1 month. With that we employ chemical peels and microdermabrasion to get rid of dead epithelial cells and keep skin pores open and clean. A home maintenance system is used with a company called Dermworks. Afer acne is out of the inflamed, acute phase we employ microneedling with PRP ( platelet rich plasma )and occasionally Pearl laser to soften and get rid of scarring. For severe cases we might throw in Minocycline as an antibiotic. The program is about 6 weeks long.
Acne Treatment Buffalo NYAcne Treatment Buffalo NY


Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics offers clearCONCEPT™, a highly effective treatment to address the problems of acne and acne scarring:

Acne Treatment Buffalo New York

  • clearCONCEPT™: The clearCONCEPT acne treatment process, developed by the leading dermatologists of the MedSurge Acne Centers, combines the latest proven acne treatments and technology, physician-only cosmeceuticals, and best practices to deliver superior clinical outcomes—without relying on prescription drugs.Additionally, we feature “concierge” service, ensuring you get the care you need when you need it.

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