CO2 Lift and the CO2 V LIFT in Buffalo, NY

What is the CO2 Lift and the CO2 V LIFT?

Both these procedures use CO2 gel to regenerate cells, whether on the face or internally and externally on the vaginal areas. It can also be used for ED and ThermiVa to enhance blood flow pre and post procedure.

How does it work?


It works by infusing the area with carbon dioxide (CO2) gel, which forces the body to rush oxygen rich blood to the tissues being treated. This helps to regenerate cells.

What can it improve?

For vaginal rejuvenation it improves dryness, itching, painful intercourse, loss of sensitivity, vaginal laxity and improves vaginal relation. It is used in combination with ThermiVa radiofrequency technology to overall give full vaginal rejuvenation and urinary incontinence. Watch the video here.

Physiological effects of Carboxytherapy?

Vasodilation, increased blood flow, increases growth factors, increases microcirculation and neoangiogenesis, increases collagen production. corrects vaginal PH. These are 2 separate products, the CO2 Lift for facial procedures and the CO2 V Lift to be uses for vaginal rejuvenation.

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