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How to Get Lips that Will Make Kylie Jenner Jealous

Dermal Fillers Buffalo, NYKylie Jenner stunned her fans a few years ago when she started taking selfies with noticeably larger lips. And although she tried to continually put people off for months by claiming her injections weren’t injections but just lip liner, she finally ended up admitting it on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So, how exactly did Kylie Jenner get those plump, sexy lips and how can you get a pout that will make her jealous? Read on to learn more.


One thing Kylie finally fessed up to was using temporary lip fillers to enhance her otherwise skinny lips. If you want to add volume and contour to your lips, Dr. Jack Bertolino can use a filler like either Juvederm or Restylane. Composed of a common ingredient called hyaluronic acid, these types of fillers are safe, natural, and effective. By injecting your lips directly with a filler, Dr. Jack Bertolino will be able to mold your lips so that they are the right shape and size that you want.


Implants are not as common as fillers because they are more permanent and require surgery. Similar to breast implants, lip implants are typically made of a saline solution and are inserted under your lips to help add volume to your pout. Once the implant has been placed, your lips will be stitched up, and you will be sent off to recovery.

Add More Makeup

Whether you decide to get fillers or implants, take your lips to the next level and apply a combination of lip liner and lipstick. By accentuating your already full pout, these lip products will take your sexy pout to a whole new level.

To learn more about how you can get a sexier pout or to schedule a consultation appointment, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino today!

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Skincare Treatments to do in Your 20’s

Skin Care Services Williamsville, NYWhen it comes to things like Botox and chemical peels, you may think that they are only to be done in your 50’s and 60’s— or at least when you start getting more fine lines and wrinkles. However, one thing that Jack Bertolino insists on is that it’s never too early to start practicing good skin care habits. If you are in your 20’s and want to have the youthful skin for even longer, then consider getting some of these treatments done. Read on to learn more.

Chemical Peels

You may think that chemical peels are only done when you’ve hit your midlife and are in crisis mode— however, that’s simply not the case. In fact, we encourage many of our patients who are in their twenties to get a chemical peel because they help to get rid of things like acne, acne scars, freckles, and yes, fine lines and wrinkles.


Botox is popular amongst women of all ages— as long as they are over the age of 18— and can be used as a preventative treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Although there isn’t much scientific evidence to back up the fact that Botox is preventative, it certainly doesn’t hurt to start getting some injections around your forehead and eyes.

Dermal Fillers

If you have always wanted a sexier, fuller pout, then you may want to consider getting some dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. Although these fillers can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, they are equally as good at adding volume to lips and cheeks— giving you a more contoured looking appearance.

Taking good care of your skin in your twenties is just as important— and fun— as it is in your fifties. If you would like to consider getting a chemical peel, Botox, or dermal fillers, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office today and schedule a consultation appointment!

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Skin Alert: Understanding Collagen

Microdermabrasion Williamsville, NY As you age, your skin starts to lose collagen in it— contributing to fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of volume across your face. And although aging can be a beautiful thing, it can also wreak havoc on your self-esteem as you see your skin go through these changes. Luckily, Dr. Jack Bertolino can perform a variety of different treatments to help encourage your skin’s natural production of collagen including microdermabrasion, micro-needling, and photofacials. To help you better understand the aging process, we have created an article discussing what collagen is at a scientific level and what it is good for. Read on to learn more.

What Is Collagen?

At the surface level, collagen is a substance that helps add volume to your skin, but what about under the skin? Under the skin, your collagen is a structural protein that helps aid in the strength and production of connective tissues and elasticity.

What Does It Do?

Yes, collagen is a substance that can help give your skin more volume but did you know that it also has other health benefits? In fact, collagen isn’t just necessary for skin health but it also helps with your bones, tendons, muscles, blood vessels, digestive system, and it can diminish the appearance of cellulite and skin dimpling.

  • Bones: Collagen allows our bones to glide over each other without any pain or discomfort.
  • Tendons: Your tendons are comprised of collagen— making them work properly.
  • Muscles: Collagen is in your muscle tissue and helps with connective tissues.
  • Blood Vessels: When collagen is present in your blood vessels, it increases the circulation and flow of blood throughout the body.
  • Digestive System: Collagen breaks down proteins in your digestive system, soothes your guts lining, and heals any damaged cell walls in your stomach.

Collagen is an important component of your overall health. If you would like to learn more about the importance of collagen for your skin, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office today!

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The Truth Behind Charcoal Masks

Skin Care & Cosmetics products Buffalo, NYYou’ve likely seen videos circling YouTube lately with people using popular peel-off charcoal masks only to end up screaming in agony because of the pain. Although these clips are beyond hysterical— and may be worth spending your lunch break watching on repeat— they have everyone posing the question, “Are they worth it?” To help you decide if investing in a charcoal mask will either help your skin or turn you into the next YouTube star, we have created a brief article. Read on to learn more.

Understanding Charcoal

Charcoal, in general, is really good for your skin— especially if you have acne. As an all-natural component, charcoal helps to draw out dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful particles from the skin— leaving you with cleaner, and smoother looking skin. If you are experiencing breakouts or more blemishes than normal, consider getting a charcoal face mask or charcoal induced face soap.

Are Masks Good for You?

Not all face masks are created equal. The charcoal face masks that are gaining popularity on the internet, in particular, are peel off face masks which means that once they dry to your skin, you can peel them off in one piece. Even though these masks are good at removing toxins, they can be more painful than beneficial. In fact, you can get the same positive benefits from a regular, charcoal cream mask.

The truth is that charcoal is a great ingredient to use on your skin to help combat bacteria and germs. However, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Before you buy any face product online, make sure to see what ingredients it has. If you would like to learn more about skin care or skin care products, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office today!

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How to Get Skin Worthy of Kim Kardashian West

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Buffalo, NYIt’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian West has done it all to get that perfect body and maintain her sexy appearance— including getting a fish pedicure, wearing waste trainers, and trying out Botox (even though she’s allergic). And although Mrs. Kardashian West has denied ever having gone under the knife, she has embraced non-surgical treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  injections claiming that they make her look and feel more youthful. So, what are PRP injections and how are they effective? Read on to learn more.

What Are PRP Injections?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian West likes to keep everything public. Not only does she have TV cameras document just about every stage of her life, but she’s queen of posting on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. One procedure that she documented was when she got PRP injections— leaving her followers looking a bit concerned when she took a selfie with blood all over her face. So, what is PRP?

Platelets are a portion of the blood that is good at repairing damaged blood vessels and cells throughout the body. During a PRP injection procedure, blood is extracted from the patient’s arm and then spun in a machine to extract the platelets. Then, by making tiny acupuncture sized holes in the face, the platelet rich blood is then splattered onto the face— helping to heal the skin in the process.

What Can It Treat?

The real question is, what can’t PRP treat? PRP injections are primarily popular amongst patients like Mrs. Kardashian West because of their ability to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, volumize the skin, tighten pores, and get rid of damaged skin under the eyes.

Does It Hurt?

Although you may feel a slight bit of a sensation during the procedure itself, it shouldn’t be painful. Before Dr. Jack Bertolino even gets started, he will apply a numbing cream to your entire face so that you remain calm and comfortable during the entire thing. If you start to feel pain at any time, make sure to tell Dr. Bertolino and his staff.

If you are looking for a relatively non-invasive way to get a more youthful looking complexion, it may be time to consider PRP injections. To learn more about this and other treatments, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office today!

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Does Dieting Get Rid of Cellulite?

Cellulite Treatment Williamsville, NYNo matter who you are or how skinny you may be, as a woman, you are still susceptible to getting cellulite. In fact, even Serena Williams who is one of the most athletic women in the world has cellulite. Even though the majority of women have cellulite, however, it doesn’t make you feel more confident when you have to hit the beach in a bikini. So, how can you get rid of cellulite? Can diet alone do the trick? Read on to learn more.

Focus On Reduction

The main thing to focus on when discussing the correlation between diet and cellulite is a reduction, not elimination. As mentioned previously, even the skinniest, most fit women have cellulite, just not as much as those who are chronically overweight. If you are overweight and have a lot of cellulite, diet can help reduce it, but it won’t necessarily eliminate it.

Focus On Whole Foods

You are what you eat. So, if you eat a diet that is high in processed fats and sugar, you are more likely to be overweight. Eating a diet filled with whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats, can help you get rid of your appearance of cellulite and help you feel more confident in your body.

Diet can’t necessarily get rid of cellulite, but it can cut down on the appearance of it. If you are a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle, then changing your diet may not impact the appearance of cellulite. However, Dr. Jack Bertolino can treat your cellulite with a state-of-the-art treatment that will help get rid of your stubborn cellulite and help you feel more confident. To learn more about cellulite and how Dr. Bertolino can help you get rid of it, contact our office today!

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Male Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Williamsville, NYThere’s a common misconception that as you age, your body stops producing hormones. However, that simply isn’t the case. Just like with most parts of your body, as you age, your body stops functioning in the same way it did when you were younger— often working at a slower rate. As a man, when your body starts to stop producing as much testosterone, you can experience a decrease in a sex drive, inability to have an erection, fatigue, decrease in muscle mass, hair loss, an increase in body fat, and a decrease in bone mass. To ensure that you don’t experience any of these symptoms, Dr. Jack Bertolino offers male hormone replacement. Read on to learn more.

The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Unlike hormone therapy treatment like Premarin, which is made up of horse urine, the types of hormone therapy that Dr. Jack Bertolino uses, is completely natural and safe. Formulated from either soy or yams, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) treatments match your body’s hormones identically— leaving you with fewer side-effects and more positive benefits.

How They Are Administered

You’ve likely heard of protein patches and pills that are used to deliver hormones into a person’s body. Although these are effective ways of giving patients hormones, they come with problems such as missed pills or patches falling off. To prevent these issues from happening and to ensure that you are given your proper hormone dosage, we administer BHRT’s by implanting a small pellet under the skin in the buttocks. Once implanted, this pellet is time-released, which means that it will deliver your hormones to you every day.

Having enough testosterone doesn’t just give you the qualities that make you a man, but it also prevents you from developing diseases like Alzheimer’s. If you are a male who is experiencing a decrease in testosterone, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jack Bertolino today to learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Urinary Incontinence

How to Treat Urinary Incontinence

Urinary IncontinenceAs an adult, the last thing you want to do is pee your pants in public— or anywhere for that matter. However, due to things like vaginal delivery or prostate surgery, urinary incontinence can easily sneak up on you. If you are embarrassed by doing just about anything— sneezing, laughing, coughing, running, or jumping— without the fear of peeing your pants, you are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that as many as a quarter to a third of men and women in the US suffers from urinary incontinence. Luckily, with some pelvic exercises and even surgery from our office, you can kiss your incontinence goodbye and feel more confident than ever before. Read on to learn more.


The first step to gaining back your continence is to do pelvic floor exercises called Kegels. By doing these exercises multiple times a day, you can strengthen your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles— leaving you with the ability to, well, not pee your pants any longer. So, how can you do a kegel?

  • Step 1: Urinating in the toilet, find the muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine. This is the same muscle you are going to want to contract when doing kegel exercises.
  • Step 2: The great thing about Kegels is that you can do them anywhere without anyone knowing. To start out, contract that muscle that you previously found and hold it for about 10 seconds. Then release it for 10 seconds. Repeat this as many times a day as possible.


If Kegels don’t work or if you would like to take more drastic measures to get rid of your urinary incontinence then you have a few surgical options to consider from Dr. Jack Bertolino. Whether you’re male or female, Dr. Bertolino may recommend either a laser surgery or traditional surgery. During one of these procedures, the goal will be to tighten the pelvic floor and strengthen the muscles.

Peeing your pants isn’t exactly something that you want to write home about. If you suffer from urinary incontinence, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino today to schedule a consultation appointment. During your consultation, we will go over your treatment options so that you can decide what option is best for you.



Contour No More: The Art of the

Contouring is extremely popular in the makeup industry right now. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian embracing the contour wave, you have probably gone to the makeup counter to pick up more than your fair share of makeup you can contour with. However, did you know that there is a surgery out there that can help with contouring as well? With the Silhouette Instalift, you can get that contoured look you have always wanted without having to spend your savings on makeup. Read on to learn more.

Adds Contour

If you have started to lose elasticity in your skin due to sun damage or old age, then you know how hard it can be to get that perfectly contoured look. However, with the Silhouette Instalift, we will use Silhouette Instalift sutures to lift and tighten the skin around your cheek bones and the mid portion of your face to give you that more contoured appearance.


Even though surgical procedures like a facelift give patients extreme results, they are considered to be an invasive surgery meaning that it requires general anesthesia and a whole lot of recovery time. With the Silhouette Lift from Jack Bertolino, however, you can get similar results without any cutting into the face which means that you won’t have to worry about missing work and a lengthy recovery.

Limited Pain

When you get a surgical procedure like a facelift, you can expect pain medications to be your best friend for the first few weeks that you are in recovery. However, with a Silhouette Instalift, you will experience a limited amount of pain that can be treated with an over-the-counter medication like Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Losing the elasticity around the middle portion of your face can make you look more like a bowl of jelly than an actual human. However, with the non-invasive Silhouette Lift from Dr. Jack Bertolino, you can get a contoured face that will make even Kim Kardashian herself jealous. If you would like to learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office today!


The Fun Facts About Microneedling

microneedlingWhen you hear the term “microneedling” you may want to run for the hills when imagining hundreds of tiny needles being injected into your skin. However, the actual process of microneedling is a lot less dramatic than the name suggests and it will give you results that will have you glad you never ran up that hill. This article will discuss a few of the benefits of microneedling and why you may want to consider it. Read on to learn more.

How Does It Work?

The best part about the microneedling procedure is that unlike your nightmares where you look like Hellraiser, microneedling is done using a device that looks like a pen. By moving the pen across your face, hundreds of tiny microscopic holes will be made without causing you very much— if any— pain in the process.

Once the holes have been made, your skin will naturally work to repair itself. In the process of repair, your skin will produce more collagen and elasticity— helping to fill in fine lines and wrinkles across your face and forehead.

What Is the Procedure Like?

As a non-invasive procedure, you will be able to come into Jack Bertolino’s office and get the treatment done in less than an hour. Plus, because it is non-invasive, there won’t be a need for any anesthesia. If you do start to feel uncomfortable during your microneedling procedure, we can apply a topical numbing gel to help ease the pain. Once the procedure is done, you will notice a bit of redness but should be able to get back to your daily activities.

What Are Results Like?

One of the biggest things to know about microneedling is that the more frequently you get it done, the greater the results you will receive. The great news though is that most patients start to see real results after just one treatment. Most patients start to see an improvement in their skin’s texture, less visible wrinkles, less visible scars, and an overall improvement in pigmentation.

Microneedling is a fast and easy way to help improve your complexion. If you would like to learn more about microneedling or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jack Bertolino, contact our office today!