What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a term that describes the dimpled appearance of skin caused by fat deposits just below the skin’s surface. It is found in women, typically in the skin of the abdomen, lower limbs, and pelvic region.

Cellulite Removal Buffalo NY

Who Is At Risk For Developing Cellulite?

Cellulite affects approximately 85% of post-pubescent women. Women are more likely to experience cellulite results in dimpled, uneven skin with an “orange peel” appearance.

What Is VASERsmooth™?Cellulite Removal Buffalo NY

VASERsmooth is a cellulite reduction device that reduces cellulite through tissue tightening, cuts cellulite-causing fibers and promotes the creation of new collagen fibers within your body.

Benefits Of VASERsmooth™

VASERsmooth is safer and more predictable than competing laser technologies because the procedure is 50% faster and works at lower temperatures. Lasers require heat to perform the cellulite reduction procedure. The necessary operating temperature for lasers is very near the point at which skin burns. In addition, lasers by design, destroy the cells they remove. Consequently, the fat cells and stem cells cannot be transferred to indented areas that may require filling.

How Does VASERsmooth™ Cellulite Reduction Work?

VASERsmooth™ uses a high-frequency ultrasound at 36,000Hz known as VASER technology. VASERsmooth is specially designed with a cutting edge about 2 cm from the tip of the wand. This instrument cuts the fibrous material that causes the dimpling effect on the skin. Furthermore, the tip of the ultrasound probe delivers energy to mobilize the fat, helping to even out adjacent areas.

PRP and Cellulite Removal

Excess bulging fat can be smoothed out, and areas of persistent indentations can be filled in by redistributing the fat loosened during the procedure, stem cells and/or platelet rich plasma (PRP).

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