What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a term that describes the dimpled appearance of skin caused by fat deposits just below the skin’s surface. It is found in women, typically in the skin of the abdomen, lower limbs, and pelvic region.

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Why Cellulite forms

Cellulite is one of the more misunderstood aspects of the female body. Most people assume because women have a higher percentage of body fat than men that is why women develop cellulite while men do not. That’s not the case.

The development of cellulite really comes down to anatomy, namely the bands that connect the skin and muscle. Men have thicker bands and more of them. Plus, their bands form a crisscross pattern. This keeps the fat in place, but it doesn’t make that fat pucker. 

Women, on the other hand, have vertical connective bands. This arrangement traps fat in pockets. At the spots of the connective bands, the skin is pulled down while fat pushes up around it. This creates the dimpling on the thighs and buttocks commonly associated with cellulite.

Cellulite is an almost universal bane of women — nine out of 10 women have cellulite. You may have heard various claims from creams and other products that are supposed to improve cellulite, but those do not work because they don’t address the connective bands. VASERsmooth™ breaks those bands.

Who Is At Risk For Developing Cellulite?

Cellulite affects approximately 85% of post-pubescent women. Women are more likely to experience cellulite results in dimpled, uneven skin with an “orange peel” appearance.

Can you prevent cellulite from forming?

There isn’t a thing you can do to prevent cellulite formation. It’s both a part of being a woman. It’s simple anatomy.

What Is VASERsmooth™?Cellulite Removal Buffalo NY

VASERsmooth is a cellulite reduction device that reduces cellulite through tissue tightening, cuts cellulite-causing fibers and promotes the creation of new collagen fibers within your body.

Benefits Of VASERsmooth™

VASERsmooth is safer and more predictable than competing laser technologies because the procedure is 50% faster and works at lower temperatures. Lasers require heat to perform the cellulite reduction procedure. The necessary operating temperature for lasers is very near the point at which skin burns. In addition, lasers by design, destroy the cells they remove. Consequently, the fat cells and stem cells cannot be transferred to indented areas that may require filling.

How is VASERsmooth™ different from other cellulite treatment options?

Cellulite is an almost universal bane for all women. Treatments that have promised to address the appearance of cellulite have had little, if any, effect at all. Topical balms and creams don’t work because they cannot break the fibrous bands that attach the skin to the muscles beneath. It’s those fibrous bands that trap fat and create the dimpled, cottage cheese appearance of cellulite.

VASERsmooth™ uses ultrasound energy to break those connective bands. 

This is similar to two other relatively new cellulite treatments, Cellfina and QWO. QWO was only introduced in early 2021, and it uses injected collagenase enzymes to break down the connective bands. Cellfina uses a tip that is inserted through a small incision. The tip manually breaks the collagen bands one by one to release the skin and smooth the dimpling of cellulite.

Are VASERsmooth™ treatments painful?

Dr. Bertolino applies topical numbing cream to the treatment areas. This keeps the patient comfortable. Because VASERsmooth™ utilizes high-frequency ultrasound energy rather than laser energy, there isn’t any danger of the burns that can occur when laser energy is delivered directly into the dermis.

How many treatments you may need

These are meant to be single treatments on a targeted area. Of course, once you see your results from one area, you’ll likely want to have VASERsmooth™ used on a second or third area with cellulite.

Since the body readily accepts ultrasound energy (it has been used for decades for fetal ultrasound and other diagnostic imaging), there isn’t any reason a patient can’t have VASERsmooth™ done a second time on an area if more cellulite reduction is desired.

How VASERsmooth™ Cellulite Reduction Works

VASERsmooth™ uses a high-frequency ultrasound at 36,000Hz known as VASER technology. VASERsmooth is specially designed with a cutting edge about 2 cm from the tip of the wand. This instrument cuts the fibrous material that causes the dimpling effect on the skin. Furthermore, the tip of the ultrasound probe delivers energy to mobilize the fat, helping to even out adjacent areas.

Patient Testimonial

“Great experience with Dr Jack, he is always so kind and approachable. He recommends what he thinks is best and right for me. I got filler done, not much, as he suggested we start off minimal and can always add if needed. Well the minimum was just enough and so natural looking. Very happy! 🙂”

Are VASERsmooth™ cellulite treatments permanent?

VASERsmooth™ is a relatively new treatment. VASERsmooth™ is an extension of the VASERLipo platform. The handpiece for VASERsmooth™ breaks the fibrous bands that are the root cause of cellulite.

At this point, without long-term results, it appears the broken cellulite bands are severed for good, but time will tell. It’s unknown if the bands will re-form or if the skin will create new bands to replace those that were severed. These are long-term improvements, and they may turn out to be permanent improvements in cellulite appearance.

PRP and Cellulite Removal

Excess bulging fat can be smoothed out, and areas of persistent indentations can be filled in by redistributing the fat loosened during the procedure, stem cells and/or platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Does cellulite come back after it is treated?

As mentioned above, this is unknown. VASERsmooth™ breaks the connective bands that trap fat and create the dimpling of cellulite. Since this is a new treatment, it’s not known whether new connective bands will form or not. As more and more people have this treatment, along with Cellfina and QWO, it will be interesting to see if these are permanent improvements in cellulite. 

At this point, VASERsmooth provides enduring results. The only question is whether they are permanent or not.

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