What are Peptides ?

Peptides are small proteins that provide pro-aging support, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative, as well as muscle-building supportive properties to provide a better quality of life and help sustain longevity. One advantage of peptides is they do not suppress your own human growth hormone production. Two main peptides can help muscle growth by increasing an individuals release of more HGH levels making it super-efficient, yielding more anti-aging benefits. A specific peptide PT-141 has been shown to help sexual disorders like libido and erectile dysfunction. They increase mental arousal with regards to excitement, anticipation and desire. Theses symptoms are improved in men and women. Theses urges are typically from the brains hypothalamus.

What Does Peptide Therapy do?

Peptide therapy does the following, 1) promotes growth hormone release 2) enables repair and recovery from trauma and procedures 3) improves sexual function naturally 4) improves sleep 5) helps decrease oxidation and inflammation through the body 6) enables weight loss. Weight loss therapy...The semaglutide GLP-1 AGONIST WEIGHT LOSS DREAM HAS ARRIVED. Patients lost weight BUT.. up to 40% of loss was muscle mass (not so good), but there must be some lean muscle mass loss with any weight loss. Concerns as we age...

What is sarcopenia?

This is an accumulation of excess fatty tissue which becomes a dangerous medical condition. This can lead to fatty liver disease and cirrhosis, leading to liver failure. Muscle mass starts to deplete in a persons 30's and 40's along with a declining testosterone from your 20's. This leads to becoming more frail. So we need weight loss with muscle mass to live independently. The right combination of peptides and sex hormone replacement can help this. Losing weight and keeping your muscle mass is the key. We use compounded, more natural products that don't effect muscle as greatly, and they are safe. We are registered through several compounding pharmacies to get you the best this market offers at the time. Consultations and lab testing is obviously encouraged. Thank you for your inquires, Jack G. Bertolino MD.

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