Get Metagenics products through Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics to better your health and to better your life.

The UltraClear line of Medical Foods

Providing excellent cellular support in detoxification, assistance with Chronic Fatigue, all autoimmune diseases and neurological issues.



The UltraMeal Line of Medical Foods

Providing a comprehensive classified medical food product, assisting in full nutritional support and with optimal body composition.



Vitamin DVitamin DVitamin D3 line, 1000IU, 2000IU, and 5000IU

An excellent nutritional addition for mood cognition, optimal bone density and health, hormone production and intestinal health.



An outstanding product on the market providing a 1:1 ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 with a concentration level of approximately 1,500 mg combined purified fish oil, one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory products available.


Women’s and Men’s Wellness Essentials

A full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement designed for optimal gastrointestinal absorption in the body.

Wellness EssentialsWellness EssentialsWellness EssentialsWellness EssentialsWellness Essentials


Full line of Probiotics with the Ultra Flora line

It is a patented probiotic formula that features highly viable, pure strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM® strain) and Bifidobacterium lactis. Also available in capsule form. Providing, 4, 15, 30 and up to 60 billion strains per capsule for optimal gut health.

Ultra FloraUltra FloraUltra FloraUltra FloraUltra Flora



An amazing combination of deglycerized licorice and stabilized aloe vera to assist in the healing of the stomach lining, calming of caustic bile which causes heart burn and acid reflux.


These products are available now at our Williamsville location. Furthermore,  we can order any of the full Metagenics nutritional line of products for you. Please call first to ensure we have what you are looking for in stock.