Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment in Buffalo, NY

A leading edge procedure harnessing the healing power of your body’s growth factors and platelets. This stimulates stem cell responses whereby, you grow more new collagen and blood vessels, in order to repair, regenerate and renew damaged skin and reverse signs of aging. Your body thereby heals itself, promoting macrophages and fibroblasts to enhance epithelialization and healing. There is no risk of an allergic reaction as the PRP is specific to each individual. Eight (8) essential growth factors and signaling proteins are released after your blood products are separated by centrifugation.


Dr. Bertolino now uses the Pure Spin Centrifuge for best results!

PRP is used to heal scars and decrease the damage of stretch marks. It is used in orthopedics to help to fail joints and neuro-surgically to help brain function after stroke. The trick to PRP is getting a higher concentration of platelets, which depends on both product and the type of centrifugation.  Not to get too technical but the objective is to get higher platelet concentration factor as well as platelet yield and growth prp Buffalo, NYfactors. Dr. Bertolino is now using the new Pure Spin Centrifuge to yield a much higher concentration than the Eclipse system that many competitors are using. Pure spin has an 87.7% platelet recovery vs. 16.7% for Eclipse


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Cosmetic uses of PRP include:Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in Williamsville, NY - Smooth Solutions Med

  • healing of damaged skin
  • improvement in scars from acne
  • resolution of stretch marks
  • reducing fine lines (Rhyatids)
  • tightening and toning skin
  • improvement of dark circles under the eyes
  • rosacea
  • improving fat grafting after liposculpture

See what your body’s immune system growth factors and proteins can do for you through the power of PRP. Please call us for a consultation.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment in Buffalo, New York - Dr. Jack Bertolino

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