After suffering from painful intercourse for many years, I had given up on dating altogether. Recently, a friend told me about ThermiVa so I went in for a consultation with Dr. Bertolino. He spent a considerable amount of time explaining the benefits of the treatment in combination with the bio identical hormone treatments. I decided to move forward with both and I could not be happier with my results. Dr. Bertolino was very professional and made me feel comfortable during the ThermiVa treatments. I quickly noticed an increased energy level and am now noticing improvement in memory from the hormones. But the best part is that the treatments worked and that I now have the confidence to date again. Intimacy is no longer uncomfortable and my body responds to my partner like it did years ago! What a shame that our OBGyn’s do not know to tell us about these fantastic treatments! I am recommending this treatment to all my female friends!


This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It would have to be pried from my cold dead hands !! Go BHRT ! *

Dear Dr. Jack,

You are a great and talented doctor and even better person. May God bless you with wonderful times ahead.

Happy Birthday (Buon Compleanno!)

May you have a healthy happy and long life…

Kind regards from Nepal


I’m a 57 year old woman. A professional working in the education and public transportation services for almost 25 years now. I am SO VERY happy to be able to say that! Because 5 years ago I was convinced that my life as I knew it, was over. My future was dismal, filled with pain, doctor visits, invasive surgical procedures, hospitals, and despair. I had almost given up on my career, my marriage and intimacy, everything that I knew and loved about my life.*


5 years ago I sat on the back deck of my home, totally unmoved by the spectacular view, and I broke down. I wondered if I wanted to even face another day. Living with hot flashes for two years, it had gotten to the point where I was having one like clockwork every 15 minutes for the previous 2 months. Night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, inability to make simple decisions, worrying and obsessing about everything, and scary extremely heavy menstrual periods that lasted for weeks. During which time if I was home I didn’t leave the house, and if I was at work I was never far from a bathroom and had to be sure I had a supply of pads in the bathrooms or on me at all times. Tampons were no help.*

This is a fact in my tiny community: every woman that I know who has gone, or is going through menopause, has had surgical procedures and/or drug therapies that came with very unpleasant physical and physiological side effects. Including complete greying hair and hair loss, zero libido, weight gain and their bodies begin to look like bloated pears. I have seen many of them turn into hand wringing physically unattractive women in a matter of months. They have undergone conventional surgeries such as hysterectomies, or had their ovaries removed, or their thyroids operated on. Women walking around with 4 inch scars on their throats. I found the alternatives to generally accepted methods of treating menopausal symptoms and complications to be non-existent. I tried pills, creams, and anything I could find that promised to ease my symptoms. I had decided that was the best I could do, just treat the symptoms. That day on my back deck I realized I was doomed, and would have to undergo the traditional treatments if I wanted to keep my job. Thank goodness later that same day, I heard a radio program that gave me an alternative to traditional symptom treatment… and it changed my life beyond what I ever dared hope for.*

I had researched HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and discussed it with my primary care physician. It was a gamble, considering the very real risks and pharmaceutical disclosures relating to the occurrence of side effects and rates of hormonal cancers. What I heard on the radio, and then researched on the web, was a relatively new treatment called BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy). The key word that changed everything is “BIO-IDENTICAL”!*

If traditional treatment is not an option your comfortable with, please do your own research on BHRT. Dr Bertolino and his staff were very understanding of my concerns and fears. They answered all my questions and I began to realize that I had nothing to loose by trying BHRT. It has been the single most positive medical outcome I’ve ever experienced. I have and I continue to recommend this EXACT treatment to anyone who asks. I am the type of person that, if I wasn’t afraid of loosing my job, would not have tried this. I would have quit early if I could have, because continuing to work as things were, was simply not an option for me. I had to make a decision about some form of treatment, or risk loosing my retirement, or be forced to retire early. There is no doubt in my mind that my day was blessed the day I heard of and researched BHRT.*

I have been a patient of Dr Bertolino ever since. I see him 3 times a year for BHRT. I am telling you that I feel as good as I did 30 years ago. My energy level is high, my physical health is better than ever, my mind is clear, my outlook on life is positive and happy every day. My love life is satisfying, my career is on track, my retirement is secure, and I’m looking forward to enjoying every day of it IF I decide I want to retire in a few years. NOT because I’m forced to.*

Is any of my story resonating with you? Are you suffering and trying to live with unbearable symptoms experienced during menopause? Please schedule a consult with Dr Bertolino and start living your life again. You have everything to gain. You deserve to be happy and healthy. Starting BHRT was the best health decision I ever made. Within 1 week the hot flashes I had experienced nonstop for years ceased. Within 2 weeks the excessive menstrual bleeding stopped. My brain fog ended. My libido returned to normal. My mood swings, handwringing, and moments of paralyzing indecision also ended. There is no doubt in my mind that BHRT treatments have saved my career, my financial retirement security, my enjoyment of life, and most importantly my health.” ABS*

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