Autocorre in Williamsville and Buffalo, NY

A novel regenerative treatment created by my friend Dr. Bill Song using the patients regenerative abilities to improve and maintain their aesthetic appearance. Improves facial volume loss, laxity, wrinkles, hair loss, sexual health, natural breast enhancement, brazillian butt lifts and male penile augmentation. Used as a stand alone or in combination with dermal fillers, exosomes, and low energy aesthetic treatments. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) or platelet rich fibrin (PRF) can be spun down in our PureSpin centerfugation system and then heated to produce a thickened gel. This inactivates the growth factors, then unheated PRP or PRF is added to the gel after a cooling period. Why??? This causes fresh platelets and growth factors to become trapped in the gel. This causes a SLOW RELEASE over time to attract more stem cells and exosomes to produce better collagen.

Younger clients should do 2 treatments 6 weeks apart with maintenance every 1-2 years. Older individuals may want a maintenance every 6 months. The client will use less filler in the long run so it's cheaper. THIS IS COMLETELY SAFE BECAUSE IT IS AUTOLOGOUS......IT COME FROM THE CLIENTS BLOOD. Blunt cannulas to inject can be used for more safety. The device we use to heat the gel is called BIOHEAT

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Before and After facial photo courtesy of the developer of Autocorre, Dr. William Song.

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