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Spider veins or blue veins can often make patients feel less confident about how their skin looks While usually harmless, some varicose veins can be painful, hot to the touch, and bothersome. Luckily, at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, we offer laser vein treatment by using laser technology to treat “spider veins” and “blue veins.”

With a quick, nearly painless procedure, patients are able to eliminate any vein pain as well as the appearance of their veins, leading to smoother, more flawless-looking skin.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins that appear on the face or legs and can be either congenital or appear as part of the aging process. Although spider veins are not typically painful, they are a sign of small damaged blood vessels underneath the skin. The appearance of spider veins can occur due to other health conditions such as rosacea, aging, sun exposure, pregnancy, or varicose veins.

How Does Laser Vein Treatment Work?

Laser technologies heat and destroy vessel walls while sparing surrounding tissue. In addition, a scanning device allows for quick and safe treatment of larger lesions such as rosacea. Because the heat from the laser targets pigment below the skin, the appearance of spider veins is eliminated permanently.

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Vein Treatment?

Patients who have noticeable veins on their skin and are in overall good health may benefit from laser vein treatment. Because laser vein treatment may require more than one session to achieve full elimination of the appearance of veins, patients should be able to commit to multiple treatment sessions while keeping realistic results in mind.

If you are someone who has an active infection, sunburn, or an underlying health condition that may complicate the recovery process from laser treatment, this procedure may not be right for you. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend waiting until you are no longer pregnant and breastfeeding to undergo any type of laser surgery.

When Will I See the Results?

Improvement is gradual and optimal results can take up to eight weeks. Anesthesia is not required, but patients will feel a hot and tingling sensation during the treatment.

What Is Recovery Like After Laser Vein Treatment?

Side effects are minimal, although redness and minor inflammation may persist for a few hours. Although patients may feel slight discomfort and bruising after their treatment, the pain is not unmanageable, and most patients are able to return to work and their daily routines almost immediately after their appointment. Any bruising, swelling, and redness patients may experience will disappear within one to two weeks.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Patients should remember that results from laser vein treatment will not be immediate. You will begin to notice a gradual lightening of the color of your treated veins from deep blue or purple to a light red color, resembling the normal look of a blood vessel, until it’s lightened so much that it becomes unnoticeable. Achieving these results may require patience, but the treated veins will be permanently removed. Although new veins may form after years of natural aging, patients are always welcome back to Smooth Solutions for a follow-up treatment.

We also offer cosmetic vein treatments using Sclerotherapy–a minimally invasive new product from Merz Aesthetics.

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