Electric Plasma Lift in Williamsville and Buffalo, NY

What Is The Electric Plasma Lift?

The Electric Plasma Lift uses ThermiSmooth 250, which is a radiofrequency and with combination with PRP tightens and evens out the skin. Platelet-rich plasma rejuvenates collagen and elastin, as well as gives skin a younger glow

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What Is The Electric Plasma Lift Procedure?

At Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, we use a combination of services in order to get you the best results. Since any trauma to the skin activates PRP, RF or Lasers traumatize the skin first, then PRP is applied via injection or topically to help heal the skin.

Using Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP): A leading edge procedure harnessing the healing power of your body’s growth factors and platelets. This stimulates stem cell responses whereby, you grow more new collagen and blood vessels, in order to repair, regenerate and renew damaged skin and reverse signs of aging. Your body thereby heals itself, promoting macrophages and fibroblasts to enhance epithelialization and healing. There is no risk of an allergic reaction as the PRP is specific to each individual. Eight (8) essential growth factors and signaling proteins are released after your blood products are separated by centrifugation.

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What Is The Recovery TIme?

Downtime after the procedure is 1 day to 2 days with no makeup and limited sun exposure.

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