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Fat Transfer is the latest advancement in helping you look your best!

Fat Transfer is the removal of fat cells and stems cells from one part of your body and the subsequent injection of them into another part so as to increase the size of the area (e.g. breasts and buttocks). As a result, you can improve your overall appearance.

Fat Transfer in Buffalo, NY

Fat Transfer Procedure

Often this procedure can serve as a less expensive and less risky alternative to breast or buttocks implants. The excess fat removed from one area of the body is re-injected into areas needing a lift. Because the fat is natural and your own, there are less likely to be issues with the body rejecting the fat cells. In addition, the results are likely to look very natural. The procedure is far less invasive and far less expensive than traditional breast or buttocks enhancement procedures. Recovery time is significantly shorter.

Once the cells are injected into the desired area, your body will produce new blood vessels to nurture these cells. The post-procedure process takes time, and you can expect slightly more than half of the cells to survive. However, the results are long-lasting, and you’ll see beautiful changes and a new you!

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