Medical Mission to Nueva Viscaya – February 2017

The medical mission was to Nueva Viscaya north of Manila in the ricebelt of the Philippines. This is an areas where people rarely if ever see a health care professional. They are usually farmers or laborers that are poor and uneducated, with very little given to them by their government. Complaint range from simple coughs and colds to diabetes, hypertension, stroke, rashes, coronary disease to musculoskeletal problems. Not everything can be treated, but SOME CARE IS BETTER THAN NO CARE AT ALL.

We were 7 medical doctors, 1 surgeon for outpatient minor cases, and 2 dentists. We collectively saw 2800 patients in 2 days (1000 day 1, 1800 day 2) before moving on. The local governments were gracious and accommodating. There was no pressure on us, just the joy of seeing people that could accept whatever they could get. It was truly a humanitarian cause with only good intentions. I hope to keep this up through my career and through my life both in Asia as well as South America and maybe one day on the African continent.











Some sights from Dr. Bertolino’s trip:



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Dr. Bertolino’s Medical Mission – Phillipines

Dr. Bertolino recently completed another mission trip to a foreign country using his skills as a physician to improve the lives of many individuals in the Phillippines that don’t have access to medical care.  The details of his incredible trip are below…

Organization: Global Medical Foundation.  Established 1998.Dr. Jack Bertolino's Medical Mission to Phillippines - Jan 2016

Goals: To Provide Medical and Surgical Care to the Poor Communities Around the Globe

Date: January 2016

Location: Province of Nueva, Vizcaya

  • Bambang
  • Bayombong
  • BagabagDr. Jack Bertolino received a certificate of appreciation from the governor - Phillippines
  • Dupax Del Sur

Mission:  Dr. Bertolino and other volunteer medical doctors provided medical and dental services to many people in the Province of Nueva, Vizcaya.   These people don’t have access to medical or dental care normally and they also don’t have the ability to afford healthcare.  Dr. Bertolino and the other doctors each saw 150 – 200 patients a day at four different sites in the region.  Their days were very long and sometimes they were under challenging conditions.  Upon completion of their work, the doctors received certificates of appreciation from the governor of the region.


Dr Bertolino and other volunteers - Phillippines January 2016Dr. Jack Bertolino volunteering to provide medical services to people of Phillippines dr-bertolino-phillippines-mission-2016volunteers-dr-bertolino-mission-trip


Children Waiting for Medical Attention

Child waiting for medical attention by Dr. Jack Bertolino - Volunteer MDDr. Jack Bertolino assists patient on medical mission in Phillippines in January of 2016Dr. Bertolino volunteers to provide medical care to children in the Phillippineschild-phillippines-mission-trip



Sightseeing on the river - Dr. Jack Bertolinodr-bertolino-mission-trip


Photos from January 2019 Philipeans Trip

More on the Global Medical Foundation

The Board of Directors for the Global Medical Foundation assess the specific needs of a country or community and recruit healthcare professionals and other volunteers accordingly.

This international foundation has established a relationship with the American College of Surgeons to ensure participation of highly qualified healthcare professionals.  They also have relationships with charitable organizations such as Kids Against Hunger, Operating Giving back, Globus Relief and many more organizations based in the US and abroad.