Learn about anti-aging treatment called Coolifting

It is not uncommon for Dr. Jack Bertolino to see patients in his practice who are seeking antiaging treatments. After the age of thirty, our skin begins to lose collagen and elastin. This results in skin laxity that causes the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. At this point, many men and women want to learn what is available to help in treating these issues effectively. Thanks to continued advances in dermatology and skincare, we now have a wide range of solutions to choose from to improve skin health and appearance, including the Coolifting treatment.

What is Coolifting?

The team at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics describe Coolifting as a revolutionary treatment used to reduce the signs of aging. Also known as the beauty gun, Coolifting allows patients to enjoy a noninvasive facial procedure that offers many benefits, including:

  • Skin tightening
  • Lifting and plumping of the skin
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved hydration and oxygenation
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Glowing, radiant skin

The Coolifting procedure uses a mixture of botanicals, carbon dioxide, and hyaluronic acid cooled to a low temperature and applied to the skin using a gun-like device. This combination of ingredients gives the skin a tighter, firmer texture and stimulates the natural collagen production process. This ensures a dramatic improvement in the skin without patients requiring extensive downtime or recovery as is needed with plastic surgery procedures.

How long does a Coolifting treatment take?

Most treatments performed at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics take less than 30 minutes, making it the perfect procedure to be completed during one’s lunch hour. Patients can have the treatment performed in our office and then return to their normal activities immediately after.

How long does it take to see results?

Changes will become noticeable approximately 12 hours after the procedure, and the results can last many months before another treatment should be performed to maintain results and slow the overall signs of aging.

Interested in undergoing Coolifting treatment?

Contact Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics to discuss the advantages of the Coolifting treatment. The office is located at 5839 Main Street, Suite #102, and can be reached at (716) 633-6100.

CooLifting Gun from Cryosthetics Williamsville, NY

Get Holiday-Ready With the CooLifting Gun

CooLifting Gun from Cryosthetics Williamsville, NY If you wanted to have your skin ready and your wrinkles gone before the holidays, you should have hopped on that bus months ago, right? Luckily, that’s not the case. Here at Jack Bertolino’s office, we offer patients a variety of treatments that can be done with virtually no recovery time, but that will leave you with results you didn’t know existed. One of those treatments? The CooLifting Gum from Cryosthetics.

What Is the CooLifting Gun?

Yes, having a gun held to your face is the last thing you want to have happened to you— unless it’s the CooLifting gun. This unique facial rejuvenating procedure uses HA serum and CO2 spray to give patients tighter and firmer looking skin.

Does It Hurt?

One of the many benefits of the CooLifting gun is that patients don’t experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. In fact, unlike other skin care procedures, patients can go back to their normal skincare routine just one day afterward— including exfoliating— which is unheard of with other treatments.

How Long Does It Take?

How does 4-minutes out of your day sound? In just 4-minutes, we can use the CooLifting gun to help improve fine lines and wrinkles and the overall complexion of a patient’s skin. And because it only takes 4 minutes, there’s virtually no excuse not to get it?

How Long Do Results Take?

Patients will receive an immediate improvement in the appearance of their skin. And, in just 12-24 hours, they will also notice tighter, firmer skin which means that if you have a holiday party tomorrow, CooLifting will get you ready just in time.

Ready to learn more about CooLifting? Schedule your consultation at our Williamsville office today!