What is liposculpture by Vaser?

While a combination of diet and exercise is a great to achieve a healthier body, it is also helpful in reducing fat throughout the body. However, some patients may still experience fat on specific areas of the body. These stubborn areas of fat may still remain no matter how much you exercise and watch your nutritional intake. If you are having trouble with stubborn fat that just won’t budge, you may want to connect with a medical aesthetic provider and ask about advanced fat reduction services such as liposculpting with Vaser. 

What is liposculpture by Vaser? 

Liposculpture by Vaser, sometimes referred to as Vaser LipoSelection, is a unique service available at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics in Williamsville, NY to address targeted areas of unwanted fat on the body. Body contouring with this treatment is a highly effective way to remove fat cells from the body while reducing the invasiveness of such previous treatments such as liposuction and tummy tucks. 

Liposculpture by Vaser works by using pulsed ultrasound energy that breaks up fat depositing in the body and allows it to be easily removed with suction. A few small incisions are made in the treatment area where a saline solution is injected after the area is numbed. The fat is emulsified and easier to remove with a special device that slides into the injection site to manually remove it. 

How long does it take to see results? 

While there are noticeable changes that can be seen right after the procedure, the best results are achieved several months later. Patients love how they can reduce scarring and recovery time associated with traditional liposuction services available with a plastic surgeon. 

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Williamsville, NY area dermatologist, Dr. Jack Bertolino, is here to help new and current patients with a wide range of medical aesthetic services for the face and body. If you are curious about liposculpture by Vaser and want to speak to a professional to find out if it is right for you, call the office at (716) 633-6100 to request an appointment at 5836 Main Street, Suite #102. 

Is there a treatment for cellulite?

Cellulite affects millions of women. This dimpled skin often appears on the buttocks and thighs and can cause embarrassment for many. Cellulite is visible when wearing a swimsuit or shorts. Williamsville, NY area women who have tried creams, massages, and other products that promise to banish cellulite are often left unhappy with the results—if they even achieve any! This is because cellulite needs to be treated underneath the skin, these tight fiber bands cause the puckering of the skin. By cutting these bands, the skin is smoothed.

What treatment is available to achieve results?

At Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Jack Bertolino offers VASERsmooth for the treatment of cellulite. VASERsmooth works in three ways.

  • First, it cuts the tight fibers that cause cellulite development.
  • Second, it stimulates tissue tightening to firm the area.
  • Third, it promotes new collagen fibers for smoother skin.

Patients are excited to see real results following VASERsmooth treatments, which are minimally invasive and affordable through Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team encourage patients interested in this treatment to connect with his practice for an evaluation and learn more about this service.

Who is a good candidate for VASERsmooth?

Any patient who is struggling with mild to moderate cellulite and wants to find a solution is encouraged to ask about VASERsmooth treatment with Dr. Jack Bertolino. He can evaluate an individual to decide if the results they desire can be achieved using this method. Many of the patients find that this small investment in their body gives them tremendous confidence to wear their favorite clothes without feeling embarrassed by their condition. Regaining that confidence is important in overall happiness and quality of life.

Interested in VASERsmooth?

Dr. Jack Bertolino and his associates at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics is excited to provide patients with solutions for cellulite such as the VASERsmooth procedure. If you live in or around the Williamsville, NY area and want to speak to our team about your options for cellulite treatment, we welcome you to call (716) 633-6100 to request your visit. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Jack Bertolino will determine if you are a viable candidate for VASERsmooth treatment.

Body Design and True Contouring

Body design and contouring is a “learning curve,” it is not just done on the fly after buying a machine that states or uses the term “contouring” or “sculpting” (think “CoolSculpting”). Any art form should arouse a passion in the artist whether it be a sculptor using clay or marble or a physician sculpting fat and skin around muscle. No machine can sculpt a person, only another human using a sculpting cannula and his or her hands can truly design what that patient’s body can offer.

There are a lot of variables to consider when selecting candidates and doing consultations. First, the size of the patient and the amount of fat to be removed. Do they need surgery because of their size? Skin turgor – is the skin too lax, has it been damaged by large pregnancies? Will the skin come in nicely after suction? The patient deserves to know the answers so as not to keep him or her in the dark. Results and honesty matter. Professionalism is key, especially with dealing with the patient’s well being, and the fact that they are spending their money. Patient reviews matter to your bottom line, so do your very best for them. That’s common sense.

Drawing the body out anatomically is the doctor’s best blueprint to giving the patient results with respects to line, shape, symmetry and form. Not everyone can look like an athlete, so be honest. Small surgical scars should be placed in areas of the body that hide their appearance so your work looks natural, almost virgin. That’s a great result with a happy client and hopefully a bang up review, which leads to more business.

A learning curve takes time, patience and reading. I love the work of Alfredo Hoyos, a Columbian plastic surgeon who uses the Vaser Hi Def lipo system like me – with fantastic results. Lastly, a physician/artist should pick his tool. I love the Vaser Hi Def. ultrasound system. It helps break down fat quickly and painlessly, making removal and sculpting a breeze. It also allows for fat transfer as the fat stem cells are not killed but left intact to be placed in another region if the patient wants. Remember, do not be fooled by advertising gimmicks that use keywords like “sculpting” or “contouring.” Look at results. Only an artist can create, sculpt.