Skin resurfacing with the Cutera Pearl device

Dr. Jack Bertolino of Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics in Williamsville, NY sees patients regularly who want to improve their skin’s appearance, health, and overall glow. Many of these individuals may be viable candidates for a treatment known as skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing is a simple way to rejuvenate the skin and help with a variety of common concerns including dull, tired, or aging skin. This treatment is performed in our office with a device called the Cutera Pearl.

What is the Cutera Pearl?

The Cutera Pearl is a specialized laser device that has been approved by the FDA for use in addressing a variety of issues safely and effectively. Many patients use this treatment to address:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Hyperpigmentation spots on the skin
  • Sun-damaged skin

During an initial evaluation with Dr. Jack Bertolino, patients can speak to him about their unique needs. We encourage patients to work with our team to help renew their look, helping their skin glow! Laser treatments for the skin are a revolutionary option for addressing dull skin that has been affected by the environment. Many patients will find that the treatment not only improves the appearance of the skin, but works deep down below to remodel and repair the skin with the body’s natural processes.

How many treatments do I need?

While most of our patients see improvement in their skin after a single treatment session at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, the best results are seen when patients have services done regularly until they achieve the changes they desire. Patients may also complete treatments routinely to maintain the results achieved during the first batch of in-office treatments.

Find out if the Cutera Pearl device for skin resurfacing is right for you!

Dr. Jack Bertolino and his dedicated staff at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics is available to help patients achieve the skin they desire with today’s amazing technology. If you are interested in enhancing your skin’s appearance and health, schedule a consultation visit with us by calling (716) 633-6100. Our facility is located at 5839 Main Street, Suite #102 in Williamsville, NY.

Enjoy rejuvenated skin with less downtime using the Cutera Pearl Laser treatments

Enhancing the skin’s appearance will improve texture and tone, while also improving overall youthfulness and a healthy glow! With the Cutera Pearl Laser treatment at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Jack Bertolino can offer a rejuvenation service like none other! With laser technology, patients can experience results similar to a chemical peel in a short period of time, while also addressing concerns including:

  • Pigmentation
  • Photoaging
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Irregular skin texture
  • Acne scarring
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor texture and tone

We continue to see a growing demand for laser technology in our dermatological practice, and we are excited to invest in our patients and provide them with the solutions they desire. With the Cutera Pearl Laser, fractional laser light is used at 2790m wavelengths to maximize the aesthetic benefits while reducing the downtime needs for healing and recovery. This makes it a wonderful solution for busy patients who cannot take extended time off of work or social activities for more aggressive skin treatments.

Why choose the Cutera Pearl Laser treatment?

While some treatments are meant to address just one single skin condition, fractional laser skin resurfacing addresses a wide range of issues with just one treatment. Additionally, patients love the ability to rejuvenate and resurface their skin without extensive downtime, and enjoy the dramatic results they can achieve with the help of our team at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

In the past, laser technology could only be used on patients with fair skin. Now, with continued advances, candidates for treatment are those with light to medium skin tones, and adult patients that are dealing with imperfections of the skin, including sun damage and aging. We evaluate our patients during an initial consultation appointment to determine if they are fit for this or other cosmetic treatments available at our practice.

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How to Make Your Laser Resurfacing last Longer

Having perfect skin requires a little bit of maintenance and upkeep on your end. If you suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, or if you just don’t like the texture of your skin, Dr. Bertolino may recommend some laser resurfacing. Typically, laser resurfacing works by targeting the top few layers of your skin which in turn encourages the growth of newer, healthier skin in its place. To help you maintain your results, we have a list of a few different things that you can do.

Get Treatments Redone

Even though some ablative laser treatments can give patients noticeable results after just one treatment, most no ablative laser treatments will need to be done a few times. Depending on the type of laser we are using, what we are treating, and how your skin responds to it, will help us give you a better idea of just how any treatments you will need. Typically, after one session,  we will have a better idea.

Wear Sun Protection

Directly after your laser treatment, your skin is going to be more sensitive to sun exposure which means that you should try to stay out of direct sunlight. However, even after your skin has healed, we still encourage patients to avoid direct contact with the sun. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outside, make sure that you wear an SPF and a large brimmed hat; that way you are really getting the protection that you need.

Use Good Skin Care

In addition to getting regular peels, we also encourage patients to use good skin care products. For instance, even though you can’t use products that have retinol in them right before a peel or for a little after, you can use them in between. The combination of laser treatments and good anti-aging skin products will help give you the best results.

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Caring For Your Skin After a Resurfacing Treatment

Resurfacing TreatmentNon-invasive cosmetic procedures such as peels, microdermabrasion, or skin resurfacing are popular at Smooth Solutions. Anticipating their results is exciting as you see your skin renew and refresh. Here are a few after-care tips to maximize the results of your treatments:

  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Microdermabrasion, resurfacing treatments and peels treat both the upper and the deeper layers of your skin. It can take a few months for your fresh, rejuvenated skin to appear. During this time, your skin is extra vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun. These rays are damaging and may result in blotchy hyper-pigmentation. The use of sunscreen of at least 30 or higher as well as wearing a hat will protect your newly treated skin.
  • Better yet, stay out of the sun while your skin heals. Sun exposure should be avoided while your skin is healing. Exposure of treated skin to heat should also be avoided as it may induce redness, swelling and for deeper chemical peels, blisters under the skin’s surface.
  • Easy does it with your usual make-up and skincare products. You can gradually re-introduce make-up and your regular skincare products, depending on your skin and the type of procedure.

Following a peel or a resurfacing treatment, you will be given specific instructions about how to clean, moisturize and care for your skin. Remember that your skin has, in fact, been injured and will need time to heal. Protecting it and doing exactly what your doctor tells you to do is imperative. Peels and resurfacing treatments are popular because they offer visible, skin-refreshing results in a non-invasive way.

If you would like to learn more about the skin treatments we offer and their benefits for your skin, we invite you to call to book an appointment, today: (716) 633-6100.