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How to Really Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is all about being with the one you love most of all and showing them just how much you care. Make this Valentine’s Day your best Valentine’s Day yet with a few different procedures from Dr. Jack Bertolino.

For Women: The O-Shot

We’ve raved about the O-shot (referred to as the orgasm shot) on our blog before because we have seen our female patients get the sexual satisfaction they’ve been wanting with this shot. If you really want to enjoy your Valentine’s Day as a woman, then consider getting the O-shot. By injecting platelet-rich plasma into the clitoris and upper vagina, this treatment helps enhance a woman’s sexual satisfaction.

For Men: The P-shot

Similar to the O-shot, the P-shot is designed to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. By using platelet-rich plasma and then injecting it into the penis, the P-shot helps with sexual stimulation, longevity, and the ability to sustain an erection throughout intercourse; all of which any man wants right before Valentine’s Day.

Lip Fillers

If you feel like you don’t have any problems with your sexual satisfaction, then you may want to just consider getting lip fillers. Lip fillers are a temporary way to add volume and contour to your lips. During your initial consultation with Dr. Bertolino, he will discuss the results that you want from lip fillers and then help you choose the right dermal filler for you. Then, either during this same appointment or another appointment, he will make strategic injections around the lips to help add the fullness that you want. The results? Sexier, fuller lips.

Get yourself ready for Valentine’s Day with these treatments from our office. To learn more about these and some of your other treatments, contact our Williamsville office today and give us a call at (716) 633-6100.

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Giving the Gift of His & Her Sexual Wellness for the Holidays

Gift giving can either be fun or stressful. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to your significant other, why not make it something that you can both enjoy? Here at our office, we offer patients a few different ways to help both males and females embrace and enjoy their sexual wellness a little bit more during the holidays. Let’s take a closer look at some options for the man or woman in your life.

For Her

If you are looking for a way to help your wife or girlfriend heighten their sexual sensations, then we have two different services for her to choose from ThermiVa and the O-Shot.

ThermiVa: Typically, when you think of collagen you probably associate it with the collagen in your skin. However. You have collagen throughout your body; including in your vaginal tissues.

As you age, your body starts to lose collagen which can result in pain during intercourse and decreased orgasm. With ThermiVa, we use radiofrequency technology to heat your vaginal tissues to help improve sexual satisfaction and comfort.

O-Shot– Plasma is a protein that is found in your blood, and it can be used for a variety of different procedures including vaginal rejuvenation. By injecting plasma into the vaginal walls, the O-Shot works to stimulate the growth of new tissues in the vagina which helps females reach a heightened sense of sexual gratification.

For Him

Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy. Even though pharmaceuticals have been used in the past for erectile dysfunction disorder, they don’t treat the problem. With acoustic shock wave therapy, it creates new vessels which help to solve erectile function from the inside.


Similar to the O-Shot, the P-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma to help stimulate a man’s sexual satisfaction. When injected into the penis, PRP helps to stimulate the growth of new tissue and blood vessels in the penis which helps with erections, sexual stimulation, and sensitivity. 

If you want to give your significant other a gift that you can both enjoy, consider one of these treatments from Dr. Bertolino. To learn more, contact our Williamsville office today and call us at

(716) 633·6100.

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How to Enhance Your Sex Life

In a relationship, sometimes it can seem like sex is everything but if you just aren’t into it for whatever reason, then you may think that something psychological is going on with you. However, did you know that about 50% of women suffer from sexual problems like the inability to have an orgasm, a lack of sexual desire, or a loss of arousal? And this isn’t a psychological problem; it’s actually a physical one.

As you age, your vagina ages too which can lead to a loss of vaginal lubrication, sensitivity, and sexual comfort. Additionally, some women also experience urinary incontinence, especially after a pregnancy. So, what can you do to help enhance your sex life and gain back all of your sexual satisfaction? The O-Shot.

What’s the O-Shot?

Here at Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office, we use a procedure called the O-Shot to help women gain back sexual satisfaction and gratification. Similar to the vampire facelift, the O-Shot also uses platelet-rich plasma to help women gain sexual satisfaction. After the platelet-rich plasma has been extracted, Dr. Bertolino will use a local anesthetic to numb the upper vaginal areas. After they have been numbed, a tiny needle will be used to inject the PRP into the clitoris and upper vagina which are the most crucial areas for female sexual satisfaction. Typically, the entire O-Shot procedure only takes about 10-15 minutes, and because the area is numb, patients don’t experience any sort of discomfort.

How Does It Work?

After the PRP is injected into the upper vagina and clitoris, the O-Shot works by triggering the growth of healthier vaginal tissue which can enhance a woman’s sexual sensation and satisfaction while also decreasing urinary incontinence.

Are you interested in learning more about the O-Shot? Schedule your consultation at our office today and call us at (716) 633-6100.

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When to Consider the O-Shot

It used to be that the only shots you had to get were the ones you dreaded the most, but we have a new shot that gives females something that’s worth getting excited about: the O-shot. This unique, non-surgical procedure helps patients improve orgasms, become aroused, and even get rid of urinary incontinence. But how?

How Does the O-Shot Work?

You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in regards to its popularity with vampire facials, but PRP can also be used to help women feel more sexually satisfied as well. Once the platelets are extracted from the blood, they are then injected near the clitoris or inside of the vagina. Then, those platelets stimulate the production of new cells in the injected areas— opening up a whole new world for you. So, when should you consider getting the O-Shot? Let’s take a look at three different reasons.

You Have a Hard Time Getting An Orgasm

One thing that a lot of women suffer from— especially as they age— is the ability to get an orgasm. If you have had trouble getting orgasms, then the O-shot may be worth considering. Once the PRP is injected near the clitoris and inside the vagina, it makes these areas more sensitive to the touch which helps enhance orgasms.

Arousal Takes a Little Too Long

Do you have a hard time getting sexually aroused? Does it seem like it takes a lot out of you to even get into the mood? The O-Shot can help. As previously mentioned, because the o-shot makes your vagina and clitoris more sensitive to the touch, it makes arousal a lot easier for women— and we mean A LOT.

You Suffer from Urinary Incontinence

Although the O-shot s great at helping women with satisfaction, that’s not the only thing that it’s famous for. Another reason to consider the O-shot? Urinary incontinence. Whether you suffer from urinary incontinence because of pregnancy, hormones, or anything else, the O-shot can help you gain back control of your bladder.

Does the O-shot sound like something you’re interested in learning more about? If so, contact our Williamsville office today at  (716) 633-6100