When to Consider the O-Shot

It used to be that the only shots you had to get were the ones you dreaded the most, but we have a new shot that gives females something that’s worth getting excited about: the O-shot. This unique, non-surgical procedure helps patients improve orgasms, become aroused, and even get rid of urinary incontinence. But how?

How Does the O-Shot Work?

You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in regards to its popularity with vampire facials, but PRP can also be used to help women feel more sexually satisfied as well. Once the platelets are extracted from the blood, they are then injected near the clitoris or inside of the vagina. Then, those platelets stimulate the production of new cells in the injected areas— opening up a whole new world for you. So, when should you consider getting the O-Shot? Let’s take a look at three different reasons.

You Have a Hard Time Getting An Orgasm

One thing that a lot of women suffer from— especially as they age— is the ability to get an orgasm. If you have had trouble getting orgasms, then the O-shot may be worth considering. Once the PRP is injected near the clitoris and inside the vagina, it makes these areas more sensitive to the touch which helps enhance orgasms.

Arousal Takes a Little Too Long

Do you have a hard time getting sexually aroused? Does it seem like it takes a lot out of you to even get into the mood? The O-Shot can help. As previously mentioned, because the o-shot makes your vagina and clitoris more sensitive to the touch, it makes arousal a lot easier for women— and we mean A LOT.

You Suffer from Urinary Incontinence

Although the O-shot s great at helping women with satisfaction, that’s not the only thing that it’s famous for. Another reason to consider the O-shot? Urinary incontinence. Whether you suffer from urinary incontinence because of pregnancy, hormones, or anything else, the O-shot can help you gain back control of your bladder.

Does the O-shot sound like something you’re interested in learning more about? If so, contact our Williamsville office today at (716) 633-6100

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