Understanding BHRT

Dr. Jack Bertolino of Williamsville, NY is a dedicated professional who works with patients at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics to provide top-notch care. When patients are dealing with the unwanted changes that occur with aging, they often look to a medical doctor to learn about ways to manage their changing hormones. During the aging process, both men and women will experience changes in the levels of their hormones which can directly impact their quality of life. At this point, patients need to learn about treatments that can help, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT.

Understanding BHRT

BHRT is the balancing of hormones by replacing those which are at lower levels and causing unwanted symptoms related to aging. Therapy replacement options range from medications to injections, but they begin with an evaluation by a medical professional. This evaluation will include a full exam including bloodwork to determine if the hormone levels are lower or higher than they should be. Then, by using a special blend of hormones tailored to the patient’s individual needs, these hormones can be effectively leveled and balanced to address the common symptoms of hormone irregularities. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, patients will use skin cream or take a pill that provides the hormones needed to regulate a patient’s body. Bioidentical hormone delivery methods are determined during a consultation appointment with Dr. Jack Bertolino.

Is BHRT safe?

When managed by a medical professional, patients can rest easy that their hormone replacement therapy is both safe and effective at managing proper hormone levels. BHRT, administered as advised by a professional, is a great way to restore one’s natural quality of life and eliminate the symptoms of poorly balanced hormone levels.

Learn more about BHRT with Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team

At Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, patients in and around the Williamsville, NY area who are considering hormone replacement options are welcome to book a consultation with our team to learn more. Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team can educate patients on ways to maintain hormone regulation and address common issues that come with the gradual process of aging. Call (716) 633-6100 to request an appointment and work with our professionals to find a solution for balancing the hormones and improving one’s overall quality of life.

Sexual Dysfunction Williamsville NY

Sexual Dysfunction

In today’s fast paced, technologically driven society we often don’t have the time to satisfy our own needs and wants. We tend to dismiss simple quality of life issues as “aging” – never looking, thinking, or trying to better our own wellbeing. Menopause and andropause (male menopause) are thought of as being part of the natural aging process, but some don’t look for remedies to better help their brain and bodily functions improve.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy using natural plant-based remedies helps mimic the natural hormonal functions that we have lost over time. They stop hot flashes, improve sleep and short term memory, combat fatigue and improve libido improving brain function, muscle mass and bone structure thereby improving quality of life. They do not improve sexual dysfunction which centers on mechanical difficulties that change in our organ systems with respects to blood supply. Of course, I am alluding to erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness and anorgasmia in women.

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

As men, we lose natural penile blood supply with age and a declining health status. Women lose blood supply intravaginally secondary to age and natural child birth. Today we have remedies to help men and women get back in the sexual game. What about Viagra / Cialis? Both drugs dilate only EXISTING blood supply. For men, we offer the Priapus Shot (intra penile platelet injections to buld new blood supply as well as AWT (SHOCK) wave therapy to help the penis also rebuild new blood supply. For women, we offer ThermiVa radiofrequency treatments to improve blood supply as well as the O-Shot (intra vaginal platelet injections to help build blood supply).

To learn more about treating sexual dysfunction, call Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics today!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Williamsville, NY

How to Tell If Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Right for You

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy  Williamsville, NYAs you age your hormones start to decline which can lead to a variety of different health issues such as fatigue, irritability, depression, weight gain, a decreased sex drive, restless leg syndrome, and more. However, with the help of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Jack Bertolino can regulate your hormones and help you start feeling like yourself once again. So, how can you tell if hormone replacement therapy is right for you?

You walk into your favorite clothing store and “BAM!” just like that you fall in love with a shirt that you just have to have— your life won’t be complete without it, it completes you, and yes, it’s completely right for you. Unlike your favorite shirt, however, there are many things— including hormone replacement therapy— that just aren’t right for everyone.

Blood Tests

One of the best ways for us to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is by conducting a variety of different blood tests. Blood tests allow Dr. Jack Bertolino to see if your hormones are low enough for BHRT and if you have any underlying health issues or concerns.

Health History

During your initial consultation, we will go over your health history to determine if any preexisting conditions or past health concerns will affect your candidacy for this type of procedure.

Physical Examination

Among drawing your blood and evaluating your health history, we will also perform a physical examination to make sure that there isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Just like with any medical or health-related procedure, we will make sure that you are a good candidate for BHRT by performing a variety of tests. If you would like to learn more about BHRT or to schedule your consultation, contact our Williamsville office today!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Williamsville, NY

Male Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Williamsville, NYThere’s a common misconception that as you age, your body stops producing hormones. However, that simply isn’t the case. Just like with most parts of your body, as you age, your body stops functioning in the same way it did when you were younger— often working at a slower rate. As a man, when your body starts to stop producing as much testosterone, you can experience a decrease in a sex drive, inability to have an erection, fatigue, decrease in muscle mass, hair loss, an increase in body fat, and a decrease in bone mass. To ensure that you don’t experience any of these symptoms, Dr. Jack Bertolino offers male hormone replacement. Read on to learn more.

The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Unlike hormone therapy treatment like Premarin, which is made up of horse urine, the types of hormone therapy that Dr. Jack Bertolino uses, is completely natural and safe. Formulated from either soy or yams, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) treatments match your body’s hormones identically— leaving you with fewer side-effects and more positive benefits.

How They Are Administered

You’ve likely heard of protein patches and pills that are used to deliver hormones into a person’s body. Although these are effective ways of giving patients hormones, they come with problems such as missed pills or patches falling off. To prevent these issues from happening and to ensure that you are given your proper hormone dosage, we administer BHRT’s by implanting a small pellet under the skin in the buttocks. Once implanted, this pellet is time-released, which means that it will deliver your hormones to you every day.

Having enough testosterone doesn’t just give you the qualities that make you a man, but it also prevents you from developing diseases like Alzheimer’s. If you are a male who is experiencing a decrease in testosterone, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jack Bertolino today to learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

What You Need To Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement TherapyPrevalent during and following menopause, hormone imbalance can wreak emotional and physical havoc. During menopause, hormone levels fall, causing uncomfortable symptoms like vaginal dryness, hot flashes and sometimes osteoporosis. Restoring hormone levels is possible, but the key is in the proper diagnosis and the introduction of the missing hormones to balance the body.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) uses the hormones estrogen and progesterone to treat the common symptoms of menopause and aging.

What are the types of hormone replacement therapies?

  • Systemic hormone therapy is available in pill, skin patch, gel, cream or spray form. Man-made compounds such as Provera and Premarin are hormone substitutes intended to supplement the hormones that naturally occur in your body. But they can be dangerous. Premarin is made form an extract of the urine of pregnant mares. Although it contains a human estrogen (estrone), it also contains a number of estrogens not found in humans. Additionally, the use of Premarin and Provera together may produce a number of adverse effects such as increased risk of breast cancer, stroke, and heart problems.
  • Low-dose vaginal preparations of estrogen, such as creams, tablets or a vaginal ring can effectively treat vaginal symptoms and some urinary symptoms, while minimizing absorption into the body.
  • As a treatment alternative, BHRT, using bio-identical hormones, is a safer alternative; the hormones are natural and plant derived.
    • Bio-identical hormones do not contain chemicals made from animal waste, but are formulated form soy products or yams to match your body’s hormones. They have the same chemical structure as the ones made in your body.
    • They are extremely safe and effective when properly prescribed. They also have many benefits for overall health.
    • Once bio-identical hormones are introduced into the body, many symptoms such as night sweats, irritability, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, decreased libido and weight gain generally ease and patients begin to feel a renewed sense of well-being.
    • BHRT is not for everyone. Blood tests will determine whether your hormone levels are low enough to warrant a BHRT supplement and if your symptoms are caused by a physical problem or illness.

Dr. Bertolino specializes in BHRT. Call to schedule a consultation appointment, today: (716) 633-6100 and click here to learn more.