Enjoy fat transfer with the Brazilian Butt Lift

Many women are unhappy with their natural curves. They may consider body contouring options such as liposuction or tummy tucks. However, many want to avoid invasive procedures such as this, and instead want a less invasive method of improving the curves of the body. With a procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, women can have fat extracted from a problematic area of the body, such as the flanks or abdomen, and have it injected where volume is desired, typically in the area of the buttocks. This provides a lift and enlargement of the buttocks while reducing fat cells in problem areas—all at the same time!

Why choose a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Adding a little “oomph” to the buttocks is one way for women to feel more confident in their appearance, especially if they have a flat or unnaturally small buttocks. Using fat from elsewhere in the body and injected it in precise locations of the buttocks is a relatively effective and minimally invasive way to address less volume where it is desired. These injections are incredibly safe and eliminate the risk of allergic reaction, as the patient’s own fat cells are being used and transferred where desired.

How much downtime and recovery is needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Fat transfer through the Brazilian Butt Lift method reduces the downtime needed for more invasive surgical procedures. Instead, patients will need to take some time off of work, especially if they work a position at their job that requires them to sit for extended periods of time. Our doctor will provide patients with aftercare instructions, as well as recommendations as to when to call the office for a follow-up if they are experiencing side effects or complications from their procedure. Most patients can expect to take approximately one week off of work, school, and other activities, and should only resume moderate exercise once their doctor has approved.

Discuss the advantages of the Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL

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Lovely, Lush, Latisse™ Lashes



Some are born with long, lovely lashes; unfortunately, some are not. A walk down memory lane conjures up furry false lashes and tiny tubes of glue. Did you ever try them for prom, only to find one of them making its way down your cheek during a slow dance?

Dr. Bertolino offers a solution that will add length, thickness, strength and fullness to your upper lashes. It’s called Latisse™, and it can noticeably transform your face and eyes and intensify your expression with naturally beautiful, plentiful eyelashes.

Have you ever wondered about the life cycle of an eyelash? Well, wonder no more. Your lashes have a short growth phase of about 30 to 45 days, with a life span of three to four months before they drop out and a new lash cycle commences. Here’s how Latisse™ can help:

  • Latisse™ is a prescription treatment for a type of hypotrichosis (permanent loss or reduction of lashes) and is designed to help your body’s natural eyelashes grow longer, fuller and darker.
  • Latisse™ also helps prevent breakage and increases flexibility.
  • Latisse™ is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for lashes.
  • The results of Latisse™ lash treatment are gradual.
  • In clinical trials, the majority of Latisse™ patients saw significant improvement after only two months. And after four months, 78% of patients noted improvement.
  • The Latisse™ serum is applied sparingly, like eyeliner, on the upper eyelids at the base of the lashes once a day, at bedtime. A tiny amount should be used, slightly touching the root area. It should not be applied to the lower lid area.

Additional tips: Avoid contact from Latisse™ with the eye itself, and be sure to tell us if you have a history of eye pressure problems, such as glaucoma.

Using Latisse™ will strengthen your lashes by preventing lash loss and breakage, and will protect your lashes from the effects of the environment. Your lashes will become thicker, darker and fuller. Deep-six those fake lashes and tiny tubes of glue for good, and call us today to

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures in Williamsville, Buffalo, New York - Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics


Aesthetic and Cosmetic ProceduresWhat’s going on at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics? We are happy you asked!

Our advanced med spa services can address all of your your skin care concerns, from hormone replacement therapy to aesthetic and cosmetic procedures; from skin resurfacing to dermal fillers. Dr. Bertolino is dedicated to helping you improve the appearance of your skin from head to toe, using the latest in advanced treatment methods.

Whether you are concerned about the appearance of cellulite, are dealing with adult-onset acne, are embarrassed by rosacea or or age spots, or want your skin appear tighter, more toned and less wrinkled, Smooth Solutions offers specific treatments that our patients love for the results achieved with little down time.

You can choose a wrinkle relaxer, such as Botox, or a dermal filler, such as Belotero Balance® for your face, or skin tightening and lifting procedures for your body. One of our unique treatments is Fat Transfer, the removal of fat and stem cells from one part of your body and the injection of them into another part, such as your buttocks. We also offer laser treatments that can give your skin a more youthful appearance, treat spider veins or get rid of unwanted body hair once and for all.

Some of the most common cosmetic issues that can be treated non-invasively are:

  • Spider veins
  • Acne
  • Age spots
  • Scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Rosacea 

Smooth Solutions offers our patients customized procedure packages based on your unique needs. You may choose to firm and tone your skin, subtly reversing the signs of aging.

You may choose our Smooth Shapes Package for cellulite reduction.

The procedures Dr. Bertolino will recommend will be based on the areas you want to target.

Because Smooth Solutions knows that your skin can only look its best if you take care of it every day, we offer a wide selection of the top skin enhancing products that you can use at home to help your skin become and remain healthy, youthful, and beautiful.

Contact Smooth Solutions at 716.633.6100 for a consultation!