Why You Should Ditch the Lash Extensions

If you want, longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes in the blink of an eye, then lash extensions may be your go-to. Although lash extensions can give you everything you want, they aren’t necessarily healthy for your eyes. Here at our office, we believe that you can get the lashes of your dreams without the hassle of lash extensions. So how can we convince you to ditch your lash extensions? Read on to learn some more.

They Weaken Your Natural Lashes

Your natural eyelashes weren’t made to hold artificial lashes for an extended period. When your lashes are weighed continuously down by false lashes, it can cause them to become weak and even a little bit brittle. When you use Latisse for Lashes MD, you are doing the opposite of what lash extensions do. Rather than weakening your lashes, you are strengthening them so that they are stringier than ever.

They Can Cause Eye Infections

Although rare, some patients get eye infections from lash extensions. If the eyelash professional doesn’t use sanitary tools or if you are allergic to the glue they use, it can lead to a host of problems including conjunctivitis, styes, or other types of bacterial infections.

One of the best things about Latisse and Lashes MD is that they are both clinically proven to not only be effective but safe as well. And, because you’re the only one using them, you won’t have to worry about transmitting bacteria from someone else’s eyes into your own.

You’ll Save Money

How often do you have to get your lashes filled and how much does it cost every time you have to get them done? Imagine all of the money you could be saving if you didn’t have to pay for lash extensions?

Both Latisse and Lashes MD can’t be purchased over the counter, but you come into our office, Dr. Bertolino can give you a prescription and help you get on the road towards having thicker, fuller, healthier lashes without the hassle of extensions.

To learn more about how you can live extension free, contact our Williamsville office today and call us at  (716) 633-6100.

How to Better Bat Those Lashes This Valentine’s Day

LashesMD™With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you are likely thinking of ways to make yourself both look and feel sexier than ever before. As one of the best ways to enhance your natural beauty, thicker and fuller lashes can make you look more beautiful without having to undergo any type of surgical procedure. From mascara to a LashesMD, this article will discuss three options that you have to make your eyes pop. Read on to learn more.


Mascara is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to make your eyelashes look visibly longer, fuller, and darker. When choosing mascara for your eyes, consider both your eye color and your hair color. For instance, if you have blue eyes and blonde hair, you may want to consider either using a light brown mascara or even a mascara that is tinted a dark blue color. By matching your eye color and hair color to your eyelashes, you can make them “pop” in a more realistic way.

Eyelash Extensions

One of the most popular trends in eyelashes right now is eyelash extensions. By having either individual lashes or clusters of lashes professionally sewn onto your original lashes, you can get fuller looking lashes in no time without having to put on mascara. However, the downside to eyelash extensions is that you have to get them filled about every 6-8 weeks. Additionally, some patients have complained of their natural lashes falling out with the extensions.


Unlike prescription medications like Latisse, LashesMD gives patients the ability to get clinically proven longer, fuller, and darker lashes without having to have any type of prescription. This unique formula is designed to naturally stimulate the growth of your eyelashes, giving you eyes that pop without having to deal with the constant upkeep of both mascara and extensions.

Accentuate your natural beauty with thicker, fuller eyelashes this Valentine’s Day. To learn more about LashesMD or to schedule an appointment to learn more about this product, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino today!



LashesMD Service in Williamsville, NY by Dr. Jack G. Bertolino MD


LashesMDRemember back in the day, when there were those caterpillar-like false lashes and the tiny tubes of glue…and it was the prom and you wanted lush, long eyelashes so you glued them on (with incredible difficulty and after many tries and fails) and off you went…only to discover in the ladies room that one of them had made its way off your eyelid and down your cheek?

Some of us are just born with lovely lashes; some are not.

Happily, there is a non-prescription solution available in our offices that will add length, thickness, strength and fullness to your lashes – even without makeup. LashesMD can noticeably transform your face and intensify your expression with naturally beautiful, plentiful eyelashes.

Have you ever wondered about the life cycle of an eyelash? 

  • Eyelashes have a short growth phase of about 30 to 45 days, with a life span of three to four months before they drop out and a new lash cycle commences.

The formulation of LashesMD is designed to help your body’s natural eyelash growth. Within two to four weeks, your lashes will noticeably improve in texture, density and volume.

LashesMD also helps prevent breakage and increases flexibility.

LashesMD is enriched with natural plant extracts and peptides to condition and protect your lashes. It is a clinically proven eyelash and eyebrow conditioner with a revitalizing complex which gets to the root of the problem of thinning lashes and brows.

  • The LashesMD serum is applied like eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids at the base of the lashes and/or brows once a day, at bedtime.
  • A small amount should be used, slightly touching the root area.
  • Although there are not ingredients in LashesMD™ that would cause eye irritation, you should avoid contact with the eye itself.

Using LashesMD will STRENGTHEN your lashes by preventing lash loss and breakage and will PROTECT your lashes from the effects of the environment.

Your lashes and brows will become THICKER and FULLER in four weeks.

Deep-six those caterpillars and tiny tubes of glue and call us today at 716.633.6100 for an appointment!