Vaginal Rejuvenation Williamsville and Buffalo, NY

How to Get the Most Out of Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Vaginal Rejuvenation Williamsville and Buffalo, NYAlthough it may be embarrassing to talk about, vaginal rejuvenation is a fairly common procedure that Dr. Jack Bertolino performs. As we age, our bodies go through a variety of transformations at certain stages—, especially during menopause and childbirth. For many women, these transformations result in a loss of vaginal tightness which can lead to dissatisfactory sexual intercourse for both partners.

During a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, the vaginal muscles will be tightened which helps to improve vaginal strength, tone, and sexual gratification. To ensure that you don’t get an infection and that your recovery goes smoothly, we have created a list of a few helpful tips.

Avoid Bathtubs or Swimming

It may seem like a hot bath, or a nice dip in the pool would soothe your vaginal incisions, and that may be the case until it’s not. Bathtubs, hot tubs, and swimming pools harbor germs and bacteria that can cause infection in or around the incision.

Wear “Granny Panties”

Granny panties aren’t exactly the go-to lingerie for a special occasion, but while you’re recovering from your vaginal rejuvenation surgery, they may as well be your best friend. These large, high waisted undergarments won’t rub or irritate your incisions which will allow you to heal faster.

Watch Your Activities

For the six weeks while you are in recovery unless you get permission from Jack Bertolino, avoid any activity that involves you “getting in the saddle.” For instance, you should avoid activities like horseback riding, biking, ATVing, or motorcycle— the pressure on your vaginal region can cause injury or may even open your incisions.

Stay on Pelvic Rest

Possibly the hardest recovery step of all is giving your vaginal region pelvic rest from both sexual intercourse and tampon use. As your vagina heals, it’s important to avoid any pressure or impact to the area for about six weeks after surgery.

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Consider A Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment With ThermiVa

Your vaginal health is definitely not a water cooler topic but one that is important to you if you want to restore your vaginal and vulval youthfulness following childbirth and the aging process – because these two things can stretch your vaginal genitalia and thin your vaginal tissues causing dryness, painful intercourse, decreased orgasm and urinary (stress) incontinence.

Dr. Bertolino would like to introduce you to ThermiVa, a unique technology which uses a non-surgical, temperature controlled radio frequency energy to gently heat your internal and external vaginal tissues to rejuvenate their collagen production. ThermiVa treatments improve your internal vaginal laxity and tighten and improve the cosmetic appearance of your external labial tissues.

ThermiVa vaginal procedureThis revolutionary in-office procedure results in increased vulvo-vaginal youthfulness along with a greater sense of sexual well-being for you.

Is a ThermiVa treatment right for you?
• Do your vaginal muscles feel “loose” following childbirth and/or menopause?
• Do you feel dry during intercourse or have trouble reaching orgasm?
• Do you occasionally leak or dribble when you sneeze, cough or exercise?
• Have your intimate relationships suffered due to these changes?
• Are you experiencing loss of self-confidence? Loss of interest in sex or desire?

Remember: You don’t have to trade motherhood or senior-hood for sexuality. Vaginal delivery and menopause should not cost you your sexual health and well-being.

• At Smooth Solutions, Dr. Bertolino offers a three treatment ThermiVa package with noticeable improvement after the first treatment.
• The effects of a ThermiVa treatment last approximately 18 months.
• There is no surgery, no downtime, no pain and no anesthesia.
• A ThermiVa Treatment is a simple, in-office procedure which is designed to help you restore, revive and reclaim your vaginal health.

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