Enjoy a wide range of services with the Venus Versa device from Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics

Having treatments that offer various benefits is key to having versatility and options for patients of Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Jack Bertolino has invested into his practice and his patients and provides the Venus Versa device, which is FDA approved to offer solutions for:

  • Vascular lesions
  • Unwanted hair
  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin laxity

The Venus Versa ensures patients have access to the latest technology for the most noticeable results when undergoing treatments of the skin and body. Below are just a few of the services that are provided using the Venus Versa device at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics:

  • Hair removal – unwanted hair can be effectively removed with the help of the Venus Versa device. This treatment uses intense pulsed light to treat the hair at the follicle, damaging it and preventing hair growth permanently. This treatment can be used to reduce the amount of hair in an area or to completely remove it.
  • Anti-aging – patients with fine lines and wrinkles caused by increased skin laxity will want to work with our team of professionals to learn more about how Venus Versa can help. Multi-polar radiofrequency energy along with a pulse electromagnetic field energy will combine to provide heat production in the skin, stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin to address skin laxity.
  • Acne and acne scarring – acne and acne scarring can happen at any age, and the marks left behind can be difficult to cover with cosmetics alone. Using the Venus Versa, patients can enjoy skin rejuvenation. With a combination of red and blue light, sebaceous glands can be cleared and bacteria that contributes to inflammation can be treated quickly and easily.
  • Skin resurfacing – rough, dull, or uneven skin tone can negatively impact the skin’s overall appearance and health. With skin surfacing using the Venus Versa, patients can take years off of their age while improving texture and tone.

Are you ready to learn more about the versatility of the Venus Versa?

Call Dr. Jack Bertolino of Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics today to discuss your options. His practice can be reached at (716) 633-6100 to schedule a visit at 5839 Main Street #102 in Williamsville, NY.

ThermiSmooth Review from One of Our Clients

I Had an Amazing Experience!

I had an amazing experience with Dr.Bertolino! The receptionist was both welcoming and friendly. From the moment I walked in I felt like very comfortable. Dr. Bertolino really took his time to listen to all my concerns and was very honest about what I could expect. He explained the procedure in detail and also gave me realistic expectations. I was hoping for an overall improvement, but was actually pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference I saw! Even my husband noticed! And the treatment itself, was totally pain free. I actually found it to be relaxing. It really gave me my confidence back to wear a bikini again.

ThermiSmooth 250 Williamsville nY ThermiSmooth 250 Williamsville nY
Before                          After

Cellulite treatment with VASERsmooth

Cellulite is a common complaint from women of all ages. While it used to be thought of as something caused by obesity, this isn’t the case. Anyone can develop cellulite, which is characterized by dimpling of the skin in the midsection. It is commonly seen on the thighs, buttocks, and hips, and can be severe and embarrassing. Williamsville, NY area women who are bothered by cellulite are welcome to ask Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics about an effective treatment called VASERsmooth.

Understanding how VASERsmooth works

VASERsmooth is a specialized device that is used for the treatment of cellulite. This minimally invasive procedure is performed using a special device that uses a wand to deliver ultrasonic energy into the body to break down fat and tight fibers that contribute to the development of cellulite. The treatment is done with local anesthetics and numbing cream for patient comfort. This treatment is done quickly and easily in our office, and most patients return to their normal activities within a few days. The results from VASERsmooth are often seen over the course of several weeks and months, allowing women to feel more confident in their own skin without having to undergo any surgical procedures.

Who is a candidate?

Most women who are unhappy with the development of mild to moderate cellulite are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team to find out if they are appropriate candidates. He can evaluate the skin and decide if VASERsmooth would be beneficial for a patient, and speak to women about the results that can be achieved. Patients should have realistic expectations as to how much their cellulite will be improved, and can take this time to ask their doctor any questions they may have regarding this or other treatments used at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics.

Take charge of cellulite today!

Dr. Jack Bertolino of Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics is a dedicated professional in the community of Williamsville, NY who is pleased to offer a variety of cosmetic treatments for new and current patients. Call (716) 633-6100 today to request a consultation visit with our team, and get started learning more about VASERsmooth for cellulite.

Fat Transfer Buffalo NY

Enhance the body with fat transfers

Our team routinely sees men and women who are interested in body contouring procedures—but not in plastic surgery. Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics can assist with a wide range of less invasive treatments, including fat transfers.

How do fat transfers work?

Most patients have excess fat in certain areas of the body that they would like to address, and areas where they feel they could use more shape and volume. We typically see this with patients who want to firm and shape their buttocks, while reducing fat in areas such as the stomach or flanks. In situations such as this, we remove fat from the trouble spot and inject it into the area where body contours can be enhanced. This is a minimally invasive way of treating two areas in one procedure.

What can I expect from recovery from fat transfer procedures?

Because fat transfers are far less invasive than plastic surgery, and do not require incisions, the recovery period for these treatments is much shorter. For a few days after treatments, patients may experience:

  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Bruising
  • Sensitivity

However, these are often short-term and resolve on their own. In many situations, our patients are able to return to work within a week and resume all other activities within 14 days. This recovery time is significantly shorter for fat transfers than surgical interventions, which also have the added concerns of cost, scarring, and increased risk of infections. We find that fat transfer procedures are well-received by patients and are often chosen in lieu of plastic surgery because of how easy it can be to treat more than one area without surgery.

Who is a candidate?

Determining candidacy starts with a phone call to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Jack Bertolino.

Call Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics today to learn more about fat transfer procedures

If you are interested in body contouring solutions such as fat transfers, Dr. Jack Bertolino invites you to book an appointment to discuss your options. Call (716) 633-6100 and visit the office in Williamsville, NY. We also have a convenient contact form on our website that can also be used to schedule your visit.

Skin Care Buffalo, NY

Feel the Burn: How to Get Rid of a Sunburn

A little bit of sun can be good for your soul and give you some vitamin D, but too much sun can cause skin cancer, premature signs of aging, and sunburns. Even if you lather up with a broad spectrum sunscreen when you’re outside, you can still end up with a sunburn, so what can you do to get rid of it? Let’s take a closer look.

Don’t Pick At Blisters

If you got a bad sunburn and blisters have started to form, you may want to pick at them but don’t. Picking at blisters could lead to some permanent scarring or even an infection. Just leave them and don’t touch them. If they pop on their own, try cleaning them with a clean cotton pad and some rubbing alcohol.

Take Ibuprofen

Sunburns can be painful; especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. To help ease the pain and discomfort caused by your sunburn, take some ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is excellent at not only getting rid of the pain but swelling as well; make sure to check with your primary care physician beforehand to ensure that it mixes with other medications that you are on.

Avoid the Sun

The sun and sunburns do not mix. Try to stay out of the sun for the next couple of days to avoid making your current sunburn any worse than it already is. If you have to spend time outside because of work or if you’re on vacation, make sure to cover your skin up with some clothing like a long sleeve shirt.

Try Cold Compresses

Similar to how your skin is really warm when you have a fever, your skin will feel similarly when you have a sunburn. Try applying cold, damp compresses to your skin to help take the heat out of it; just don’t leave any ice packs on the skin for too long because it could cause a type of freezer burn.

Keep your skin extra healthy and protected this summer and use these sunburn care tips. To learn more about skin care contact our Williamsville office at  (716) 633-6100.

Dr. Bertolino Featured on the Slice of Life Radio Show

Dr. Bertolino was recently featured on the Slice of Life Radio Show on ESPN 1520AM. Dr. Bertolino discusses problems and treatmetns to increase sexual welless. Listen below!

Segment #1


Segment #2

Lashes MD | Buffalo NY

How to Bat Your Eyelashes and Mean It: What to Know About Lashes MD

If you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t want to wear a lot of makeup, but you still want to look put-together, then you know just how big of a difference mascara can make. However, the one thing about mascara is that it can be a real pain and hassle to have to put on everyday. Even though eyelash extensions are another alternative that many women consider, they can weaken your natural lashes and make them fall out. So, how can you get fuller lashes without mascara or extensions? Let’s take a closer look.

Lashes MD

Have you noticed that your eyelashes are weak and flimsy because of eyelash curlers, too much mascara, eyelash extensions, and even eye makeup remover? If so, then Lashes MD is the perfect solution for you. This clinically proven formula not only helps to strengthen weakened lashes but it also helps patients to get thicker, fuller lashes as well; leaving you with the look of mascara but without actually having to apply it.

By applying Lashes MD to both your upper and lower eyelids, this natural treatment helps to improve hair growth and give you better results. What kinds of results can you expect from treatment?

  • Strengthened lashes that prevent lash loss and breakage.
  • Naturally thicker, fuller-looking eyelashes and eye
    brows in four weeks.
  • Conditioned eyelashes that are more protected from
    environmental damage and breakage.
  • A specially formulated and pH balanced product designed to be non-irritating to
    the eyes.

Having strong, thick eyelashes is something that, arguably, every woman wants to have. If you are sick of using mascara or getting eyelash extensions, then Lashes MD may be the perfect fit for you. Are you ready request your consultation with Dr. Bertolino? If so, contact us at our Williamsville office today and give us a call at  (716) 633-6100.


FAQs About The CooLifting Gun

It used to be that the only way patients could get rid of volume loss, fine lines, and wrinkles was by either getting a procedure done that would give them very minimal results or by getting a surgical procedure done. After all, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, right? Here at Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office, he offers patients a variety of different treatments to help patients like you, get real results without having to get an invasive procedure done. One of the treatments in particular that he encourages some patients to get uses a treatment called the CooLifting gun.

What’s the CooLifting Gun?

This unique treatment consists of combining extremely high concentrations of CO2 at both very high pressure and very low pressure. The thermal shock brought on by the intense cold temperature generates a dermis reaction which stimulates underlying tissues in the skin. When this happens, the vessels expand and contract which helps to activate blood microcirculation, induce collagen production and elastin, and increase the oxygen in the tissues.

What Does CooLifting Feel Like?

One of the many unique benefits of CooLift is that it doesn’t hurt. In fact, most patients only experience a slight amount of pressure on their face but they don’t feel any pain at all.

What Are Results Like?

After one CooLifting treatment, many patients experience results that last 2-4 weeks. The more treatments patients undergo, the longer it typically lasts. On average, we encourage patients to get about 3-5 CooLift procedures done. During your initial consultation with Dr. Bertolino, he will have a better idea of just how many treatments will be necessary.

The best way for both you and Dr. Bertolino to determine whether or not CooLifting will be successful is through a consultation. To schedule your consultation, contact our Williamsville office today and call us at (716) 633-6100.

P shot, O shot Williamsville, NY

Giving the Gift of His & Her Sexual Wellness for the Holidays

Gift giving can either be fun or stressful. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to your significant other, why not make it something that you can both enjoy? Here at our office, we offer patients a few different ways to help both males and females embrace and enjoy their sexual wellness a little bit more during the holidays. Let’s take a closer look at some options for the man or woman in your life.

For Her

If you are looking for a way to help your wife or girlfriend heighten their sexual sensations, then we have two different services for her to choose from ThermiVa and the O-Shot.

ThermiVa: Typically, when you think of collagen you probably associate it with the collagen in your skin. However. You have collagen throughout your body; including in your vaginal tissues.

As you age, your body starts to lose collagen which can result in pain during intercourse and decreased orgasm. With ThermiVa, we use radiofrequency technology to heat your vaginal tissues to help improve sexual satisfaction and comfort.

O-Shot– Plasma is a protein that is found in your blood, and it can be used for a variety of different procedures including vaginal rejuvenation. By injecting plasma into the vaginal walls, the O-Shot works to stimulate the growth of new tissues in the vagina which helps females reach a heightened sense of sexual gratification.

For Him

Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy. Even though pharmaceuticals have been used in the past for erectile dysfunction disorder, they don’t treat the problem. With acoustic shock wave therapy, it creates new vessels which help to solve erectile function from the inside.


Similar to the O-Shot, the P-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma to help stimulate a man’s sexual satisfaction. When injected into the penis, PRP helps to stimulate the growth of new tissue and blood vessels in the penis which helps with erections, sexual stimulation, and sensitivity. 

If you want to give your significant other a gift that you can both enjoy, consider one of these treatments from Dr. Bertolino. To learn more, contact our Williamsville office today and call us at

(716) 633·6100.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction and How to Correct a Long Standing Problem

The aging andropausal male should no longer sit in the shadows awaiting new synthetic drugs form Big Pharma that are ineffective, not covered by insurance and are costly again with no or limited satisfaction. We in the medical profession should be looking to fix the problem, not cover it up and try to only treat symptoms with medications. The aging male (and female) should be treated in a regenerative manner, fixing the sexual problems and rebuilding tissue and blood supply.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the bane of existence of every man in his time, some faster than others. Age, medical issues (hypertension, diabetes), and habits (smoking and alcohol/drugs) add to the frustration of achieving youthful sexual wellness. Today, doctors can help in a natural way to fix vascularity and get rid of plaque, opening up the canals thereby improving male sexual satisfaction. This is a God-given function that does not have to end. What is life, but to fully enjoy one’s existence?

What is libido?

A sexual urge, an emotion, a fantasy or all three? Libido comes from your brain and in the andropausal male, a lack of testosterone causes a falling off of these vital feelings. Therefore, looking at the total and free testosterone and correcting it, putting it into a healthy range makes all the difference. What about the mechanical problems associated with ED? What happens to the vascular supply? Every man and woman loses vascularity over time. Can it be given back? Yes, by stimulating the body to rebuild it.

For men now we have two modalities:

  • Platelet Growth Factors (the P OR Priapus Shot)
    Platelet growth factors from the patient’s blood stimulate growth factors that build vascular blood supply. Sounds gory, but done right it is quick and effective.
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy or Shock Wave Therapy
    AWT are wave forms that are faster than sound which causes microtrauma in the penile shaft so that the body rebuilds the blood supply in what’s called COLLATERAL CIRCULATION. The body rebuilding itself. All procedures have no downtime and have been shown to work.What is the difference between VIAGRA/CIALIS versus these therapies? Medications cause dilation of EXISTING blood supplies – we build NEW blood supplies that are natural to the patient. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest, it’s not your granddad’s time anymore. Get back what you think you lost and thought you could not find again. Think regenerative medicine, think AWT and The P-Shot, and of course think Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics in beautiful Williamsville NY. Call 716-633-6100 today to learn more.