Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Buffalo, NY

Why a Multi-Step Skin Care System Is Worth It

When it comes to having younger, more youthful skin, it takes a lot more than just investing in good skin care— although that can help too. Here at Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office, we specialize in a variety of different skin care solutions to help patients temporarily get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, get glowing skin, and feel like themselves again. One of the skincare solutions we offer uses a combination of platelet-rich plasma and laser. So, why is this multi-step procedure so effective? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is This Multi-Step Procedure?

Our electric plasma lift is a popular procedure at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics. With this procedure, we use a combination of RF or lasers to traumatize the skin at first, and then we inject PRP into the skin or topically to help it heal.

How Is It Done?

PRP is a state of the art procedure, that is popular amongst celebrities everywhere and more, and more of our patients are hopping on board. By extracting the plasma from your blood and then injecting it into your skin, it stimulates stem cell responses and encourages new collagen and blood vessels to help repair damaged skin and reduce the signs of aging. However, in conjunction with a laser, our electric plasma procedure, helps the plasma to penetrate even further into the skin and leave patients with even better results.

What Are the Benefits?

The good news about PRP is that there is no risk of an allergic reaction because we use your blood and plasma. Additionally, there are eight essential growth factors, and healing proteins that are released are extracted from your blood which helps rejuvenate your skin. Additionally, many patients receive long-lasting results as well.

Sometimes one procedure is better than one– which is why our multi-step electric plasma procedure at Smooth Skins Medical Spa is popular amongst our patients. Are you ready to schedule your skin care consultation? Call our Buffalo office today at (716) 633-6100.

O-Shot® Buffalo NY

The O-Shot Vs The P-Shot

When it comes to shots, if you were to put both the O-Shot and the P-Shot into a boxing ring, let’s just say you would have two winners. As two very different shots that help with increased sexuality, sexual pleasure, and more, the O-Shot and P-Shot are two things that are worth learning more about.

What’s the O-Shot?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a unique therapy that is primarily popular at helping increase collagen in the face. However, PRP is also used in treatments like the O-Shot. By extracting the plasma from your blood and then injecting it into certain parts of your body— like your vagina— patients experience tremendous results.

In female patients, we use the O-shot to help with a variety of concerns such as a decreased sexual drive, painful intercourse, difficulty getting an orgasm, and difficulty getting aroused. Patients who get the O-shot experience:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Tighter vaginal skin
  • More satisfying, improved intercourse
  • Increased sexual desire

What’s the P-Shot?

The P-Shot can work wonders in men who struggle with erectile dysfunction. By using platelet-rich plasma and then injecting it into the penis, the P-Shot helps to:

  • Enlarge the penis immediately
  • Create firmer and stronger erections
  • Straighten the penis
  • Increase sexual sensation
  • Enhance other therapies like Viagra
  • Increase circulation and blood flow to the penis

The results from the P-shot are immediate and will increase after 2-4 weeks.

There are unique benefits to both the O-Shot and P-Shot for men and women. If you want to learn more about these shots, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jack Bertolino at our office today: (716) 633-6100.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Williamsville, NY

Vampire Breast Lifts

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy  Williamsville, NYYou may have seen videos on Instagram or Youtube of people getting a  vampire facial in which they use their own plasma to help restore youthfulness and volume to the skin. And although the thought of having your own plasma taken from your blood and smeared across your face may sound like something more out of a horror movie than real life, it has gained real popularity because, well, it works.

As a similar treatment that we also offer here at Jack Bertolino’s office, the vampire breast lift has more and more women intrigued by this procedure. So, what is the vampire breast lift and what are its unique benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a Vampire Breast Lift?

Similar to a vampire facials, a vampire breast lift uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help restore certain growth factors in the breasts and cleavage area.  After the red and white blood cells have been removed from your blood, it is known as platelet-rich plasma that contains healing properties such as cytokines to help with tissue rejuvenation.

What Are the Benefits?

  • There are several unique benefits of a Vampire breast lift including the following:
  • Enhances the color and texture of skin from aging blood supply.
  • Improves the shape of the breast tissue as well as improve sensation from aging and breastfeeding.
  • Enhances the decollete and improves wrinkling from age and sun damage.
  • Enhances cleavage from implants that have pulled the breasts apart over the years.

If you are interested in learning more about our vampire breast lift or any of our other procedures, schedule your consultation with Dr. Jack Bertolino at our office today: (716) 633-6100.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Buffalo, NY

How to Get Skin Worthy of Kim Kardashian West

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Buffalo, NYIt’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian West has done it all to get that perfect body and maintain her sexy appearance— including getting a fish pedicure, wearing waste trainers, and trying out Botox (even though she’s allergic). And although Mrs. Kardashian West has denied ever having gone under the knife, she has embraced non-surgical treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  injections claiming that they make her look and feel more youthful. So, what are PRP injections and how are they effective? Read on to learn more.

What Are PRP Injections?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian West likes to keep everything public. Not only does she have TV cameras document just about every stage of her life, but she’s queen of posting on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. One procedure that she documented was when she got PRP injections— leaving her followers looking a bit concerned when she took a selfie with blood all over her face. So, what is PRP?

Platelets are a portion of the blood that is good at repairing damaged blood vessels and cells throughout the body. During a PRP injection procedure, blood is extracted from the patient’s arm and then spun in a machine to extract the platelets. Then, by making tiny acupuncture sized holes in the face, the platelet rich blood is then splattered onto the face— helping to heal the skin in the process.

What Can It Treat?

The real question is, what can’t PRP treat? PRP injections are primarily popular amongst patients like Mrs. Kardashian West because of their ability to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, volumize the skin, tighten pores, and get rid of damaged skin under the eyes.

Does It Hurt?

Although you may feel a slight bit of a sensation during the procedure itself, it shouldn’t be painful. Before Dr. Jack Bertolino even gets started, he will apply a numbing cream to your entire face so that you remain calm and comfortable during the entire thing. If you start to feel pain at any time, make sure to tell Dr. Bertolino and his staff.

If you are looking for a relatively non-invasive way to get a more youthful looking complexion, it may be time to consider PRP injections. To learn more about this and other treatments, contact Dr. Jack Bertolino’s office today!