Is there a treatment for cellulite?

Cellulite affects millions of women. This dimpled skin often appears on the buttocks and thighs and can cause embarrassment for many. Cellulite is visible when wearing a swimsuit or shorts. Williamsville, NY area women who have tried creams, massages, and other products that promise to banish cellulite are often left unhappy with the results—if they even achieve any! This is because cellulite needs to be treated underneath the skin, these tight fiber bands cause the puckering of the skin. By cutting these bands, the skin is smoothed.

What treatment is available to achieve results?

At Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Jack Bertolino offers VASERsmooth for the treatment of cellulite. VASERsmooth works in three ways.

  • First, it cuts the tight fibers that cause cellulite development.
  • Second, it stimulates tissue tightening to firm the area.
  • Third, it promotes new collagen fibers for smoother skin.

Patients are excited to see real results following VASERsmooth treatments, which are minimally invasive and affordable through Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team encourage patients interested in this treatment to connect with his practice for an evaluation and learn more about this service.

Who is a good candidate for VASERsmooth?

Any patient who is struggling with mild to moderate cellulite and wants to find a solution is encouraged to ask about VASERsmooth treatment with Dr. Jack Bertolino. He can evaluate an individual to decide if the results they desire can be achieved using this method. Many of the patients find that this small investment in their body gives them tremendous confidence to wear their favorite clothes without feeling embarrassed by their condition. Regaining that confidence is important in overall happiness and quality of life.

Interested in VASERsmooth?

Dr. Jack Bertolino and his associates at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics is excited to provide patients with solutions for cellulite such as the VASERsmooth procedure. If you live in or around the Williamsville, NY area and want to speak to our team about your options for cellulite treatment, we welcome you to call (716) 633-6100 to request your visit. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Jack Bertolino will determine if you are a viable candidate for VASERsmooth treatment.

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