Get rid of unwanted hair with Laser Hair Removal

Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics provides a longer-lasting alternative to shaving, waxing, creams, and tweezing.

Laser hair removal uses the energy of the laser light to specifically hinder hair growth. The laser penetrates the upper layers of skin and transfers its energy to the hair; the energy is absorbed by the hair and light energy is converted into heat and emitted.

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Smooth Solutions uses the Asclepion MeDioStar XT Laser system for hair removal treatment.

The entire follicle area is intentionally damaged by the heat, and the hair follicle itself essentially “dies.” Meanwhile, the cooling in the laser system prevents the epidermis from suffering heat damage.

After the treatment there may be some slight reddening of the skin, but this disappears by itself after a short period.

The effectiveness of the Laser Hair Removal depends upon several factors:

  • Skin color
  • Hair color
  • Hair thickness
  • Depth of the hair in the skin

The diameter of a hair varies between 0.03mm and 1.0 mm. Hairs on the arm are thinner and lighter colored, those in the bikini area somewhat thicker and darker. Generally lighter-colored hairs are more resistant to laser treatment. In these cases greater energy is required for removal.

Ideally, 3 to 6 laser treatments are necessary for sustained hair removal. In addition to the factors mentioned above, hairs constantly undergo various growth cycles. Only hairs in the growth phase may be removed on a sustained basis with the aid of lasers.

Laser Hair Removal New York - Dr. Jack Bertolino

Smooth Solutions can address your hair reduction needs.


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