buffalo ny silhouette liftWhat is the Silhouette Instalift?

The Silhouette Instalift is a natural way to redefine facial contours. This procedure offers little downtime with very natural results. The Instalift is a minimally invasive way to lift the deeper layers of facial skin that leads to jowls and nasolabial folds. This bidirectional thread lift is made of dissolvable sutures that lift for 2-3 years. Over time these threads will be absorbed by the body, stimulating the production of collagen to not only lift but to restore needed volume. The Instalift threads are of a substance similar to Sculptra, which gives volume to facial hallows. The dissolvable Instalift cones aid in lifting the mid face and jowl, to give a 2-3 year lift. FDA approved.

Why is it better than a facelift for the right person?

No cutting to the face, limited pain and downtime, simple and affective. Patient selection is important for this procedure as hanging skin in a patient would not qualify for the procedure. Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics is the first and only practice to offer Silhouette Instalift for its clients. Remember it is bidirectional threading thru punctures in the face and neck. Anchoring cones lift and volumize. No more cutting.

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