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Dr. Bertolino at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics in Buffalo and Williamsville is the first to offer ALMI in the entire New York state. This procedure is great for hair restoration, facial filling, hand restoration and sexual wellness for men and women.

What is the ALMI procedure?

A patient’s fat is broken down into nanoparticles which are mixed with PRP (platelet rich plasma) to establish and create new lasting volume for facial restoration, hand volume restoration, and establish growth and thickness of hair follicles to restore thinning hair.

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What does ALMI stand for?

The ALMI procedure stands for Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection.

ALMI rejuvenates the following areas:

  • Sexual Wellness
  • Hand Rejuvenation
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Hair Rejuvenation
  • Pain Management

How old should I be to start treatments?

Collagen production starts to slow in patients mid 20’s, by 40 there is a noticeable 20% loss of collagen.  By age 50 a loss of 30%. ALMI can help rejuvenate this loss of collagen production.

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Wrinkle Removing Procedure

ALMI restores needed volume through a small needle or cannula. Years ago fat transfer into the face was lumpy and unattractive, no longer true with the ALMI procedure.

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For more information about ALMI Anti- Aging treatments in Buffalo and Williamsville NY, give us a call at (716) 633-6100 or fill out a Contact Form here.