A New Type of Facelift: The Thread Lift

One thing that we always talk about here at our office and one thing that Dr. Jack Bertolino prides himself on is his unique and innovative techniques to help patients get more youthful looking skin. If you have always wanted to get a traditional facelift, but are a little bit nervous about the surgical procedure and the recovery time then you may feel at a loss for what to do. Here at our office, Dr. Bertolino offers patients a unique type of facelift called The PDO Euro Thread Lift.

What’s the PDO Euro Thread Lift?

This unique non-invasive facelift procedure uses the use of threads that are inserted underneath the skin in the face and neck. Once the threads have been properly inserted, then Dr. Jack Bertolino will tighten them which will lift your sagging skin and get rid of a variety of issues like fine lines and wrinkles around the cheeks, mouth, nose, neck, or anywhere else on the face.

Why Is It Popular?

The biggest reason why this surgical procedure is popular amongst our patients is that it is non-invasive which means that there is no surgery required or downtime. In fact, you can come in to get this procedure and then go directly afterward back to work or taking care of your family. One of the greatest things about this is that we can actually call it the lunchtime lift because it is, in fact, what a lot of patients do; they come into our office on their lunch break to get this lift and then go right back to work afterward.

Is getting a facelift without having to undergo surgery something that sounds appealing to you? If so, schedule your consultation with Dr. Bertolino at our Williamsville office and call us today at (716) 633-6100.

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