Can You Treat Acne At Home?

acne From pimples to whiteheads, acne, medically known as acne vulgaris, can make someone socially conscious not to mention the physical pain acne can cause. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have acne and are hoping to do whatever you can to help soothe your face and return it to what it once was. If you’re looking for relief and solutions, keep reading!

Why Does Acne Happen? 

There are four main causes of acne:

  • An overproduction of oil
    • This can be for a variety of reasons, for example, if you’re in a particularly dry climate, your body may compensate by producing oil to lubricate the skin and protect you. Another reason for excess oil production could be diet.
  • The follicles of the hair are clogged by either oil and dead skin or both
    • Though there could be underlying medical reasons, the main reason for this cause of acne is an improper hygiene routine.
  • Bacteria
    • Bacteria can cause congestion or clogging in the follicles or pores of your skin, which can lead to blackheads!
  • Inflammation
    • Not only due to infection, but hormonal changes, particularly during puberty, can cause inflammation and an increase in the production of sebum, oil, that results in acne. However, it’s worth noting that inflammation is non-discriminatory in its ability to cause acne and stress can cause inflammation!

Can I Treat Acne At Home? 

You can certainly try! Changes to diet, environment, taking over-the-counter medication, and implementing a hygiene routine centered around targeting areas where you have acne can all help. However, if the acne you have is painful, causing you distress, excessive, or unresponsive to the treatments you’ve already tried, we may have to look for the answer somewhere else.

At Home Treatments Didn’t Work For Your Acne? 

Then come into Smooth Solutions! Dr. Bertolino has a 6-week intensive treatment process that’s sure to ameliorate your condition if not clear your face outright! If you’re looking for professional care built on years of experience and empathy, then do the best for your skin and call us at 716-226-3555!

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