Don’t let Cooler Weather Wreck your Skin!

fall and winter skin care We are well on our way into the Fall and Winter months, and this means that your dermatologic needs are changing, and quickly. You may have read headlines about Fall Skincare Tips or other ways to protect your skin after summer. If you’re like millions of other people, you may have found yourself skipping over such tips. Perhaps, when viewing such nonsense, you even had an inkling that such warnings were, well, nonsense! That’s nonsense!

Here’s what the cooler weather could be doing to your skin, and why it matters.

Hydration, please!
When we feel so parched after a day in the sun, it can be hard to imagine that cooler temperatures can be just as harsh on our outermost layer of tissue. In fact, many of the skin problems that cause the most irritation and sensitivity stem from dryness at the change of this particular season.

Because we meet cooler seasons with a renewed enjoyment of hot showers or baths, our skin gets a double-whammy. You don’t have to forego your morning steam in order to save your skin; just switch up a few products. Instead of using bar soap, lather up with an extra-moisturizing shower gel. Instead of applying any old lotion, slather on a thick, creamy body butter – preferably one without alcohol.

Some TLC Couldn’t Hurt, Either!
Treatments such as facials, chemical peels, micro-needling, and microdermabrasion may seem luxuriously pampering. They are. However, these treatments should not be reserved for some kind of special occasion; they are necessary aspects of skin health, and they can be excellent for a little TLC to mitigate summertime sun damage. The purpose of many of these treatments is to encourage collagen remodeling. As the skin absorbs UVA radiation, the fibrous strands of collagen that keep skin firm and resilient break down. The cool winter months are a great time to encourage collagen proliferation.

We are happy to help you explore the treatments that will reveal your inner glow now and throughout every season. Call Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics at (716) 633-6100 for a convenient appointment in our Williamsville office.

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