Using Fat Transfer To Add Volume Where You Need It!

Portrait of young woman with perfect skin clean Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that utilizes fat cells from one part of the body to help improve or augment another area of the body. The process involves taking fat from areas in which there are excess amounts, such as the waist or thighs, and transferring them. They are used in other regions for either augmentation purposes or to correct imperfections. Fat transfers can be performed alone or in conjunction with another cosmetic surgery procedure with Dr. Jack Bertolino and his team at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics in Williamsville, NY.

What Techniques Are Used To Perform Fat Transfers?

There are two main ways this procedure is performed. In one method, Dr. Jack Bertolino uses liposuction to extract small amounts of fat from the donor site using a hollow needle called a cannula. This technique allows him to sculpt more precise contours and move relatively large volumes of fat without damaging blood vessels around it. Then, the fat is injected into the recipient site using a syringe.

Another method uses an open surgical procedure, during which all excess fat is removed, and the remaining donor site is sutured closed. Dr. Jack Bertolino then identifies the problem areas where he wants to use the fat cells and makes small incisions in those areas. He then inserts that fat under the skin with a blunt-tipped instrument called a microcannula, allowing him to target more precise contours while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Regardless of which method is used, surgeons can smooth out scars or wrinkles to help improve facial structure after surgery by injecting some of the transferred fat around delicate areas such as your eyes and mouth. This can also be used to conceal facial defects like acne scars.

Learn More About the Fat Transfer Service Available at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics

If you are considering the fat transfer procedure, it is essential to consult with an experienced provider who can walk you through the process and tell you what to expect beforehand. This can help you make a well-informed decision about whether this process is right for you. Williamsville, NY, area patients who are considering fat transfers can talk to Dr. Jack Bertolino of Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics to discuss this and other body contouring solutions. Call 716-633-6100 to request your consultation visit today!

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