3 Ways to Avoid an Acne Breakout This Halloween

Acne Treatment Buffalo NY With social media platforms like Instagram and SnapChat making people almost instantly famous, people will do just about anything to get a like or more followers— which makes them go all out for every occasion including Halloween. And with costume makeup and face paint, you can transform your entire appearance with just a few tools. But, if you have acne prone skin, costume makeup and face paint may cause your skin more harm than good. To ensure that you get as many likes on Instagram as possible without having to break out afterward, this article will list three things you can do to avoid acne.

Don’t Share

Sharing is caring until it’s not. If you and your friends are hoping to save money by sharing costume makeup and face paint this Halloween, think again. Not only will you be sharing makeup but you’ll be sharing germs and bacteria as well. And, if you are spreading bacteria from person to person, you are more than likely to break out.

Be Cautious

Rather than buying just any cheap costume paint or makeup off of the grocery store shelf, take time to read the labels. For instance, some costume paint is designed only for the body and not the face which can lead to major breakouts. Remember that the more cautious you are when buying costume makeup, the better chances you have of shielding your skin from a major acne breakout.

Use Face Wipes

If you’re going to be hopping from party to party all night and then crashing on one of your friend’s couches, make sure to bring along some face cleansing wipes. That way you can quickly get the makeup off before you go to bed without having to worry about washing your face. Just remember to exfoliate your face the next morning to get off any leftover makeup or paint.

Avoiding acne breakouts starts with good skincare and habits. Keep your skin protected this Halloween by using the tips listed above. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Jack Bertolino today to learn more about how you can treat your acne.

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