What is functional, integrative and wellness medicine?

Functional & Metobolic Medicine in Williamsville, NY

So many individuals are not being satisfied with the current health care model. Patients and doctors are continually frustrated with the practice and management of individual health care. Is the level of services rendered to patients what they perceive their health insurance carriers will cover? Is a yearly physical, which on average in 15 minutes, a good marker for the problems to come? Are all organ systems being looked at and managed effectively? What steps are being done to aid in prevention? Are you confident with your health status? Are you getting what you pay for? Unfortunately we all pay a lot and this is predictably going to increase as the new health care laws take hold. Physicians hands are tied and they feel increasing pressure to do the right thing and maintain patient care and confidentiality as well as sustain good relationships with their patients. Not easy and probably not sustainable for long. Will your doctor last as long as you need him or her? It’s as if your doctor is on a chain gang, you know like all those prison movies, each one chained to the next, walking in lock step. Along side each of us are the guards, your HMO and our malpractice carriers keeping us in line not letting any new thoughts come through. Many of us have broken out.

Functional & Metobolic Medicine in Williamsville, NY

The mission of functional and integrative medicine is simple, to improve outcomes with early prevention and assessment, and give comprehensive management of complex chronic problems. Incorporate mind, body, community and spirit with less invasive more traditional therapies. Wellness is a noun meaning, “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health”. Medicine and care are changing, like most of the world, and are we as health care practitioners changing with it? Are you getting what you think your paying for? It’s your health after all. Some good thoughts to ponder. Contact SMOOTH SOLUTIONS MEDICAL AESTHETICS today!

– Jack G. Bertolino, MD

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