The Most Common Areas That Surgeons Perform Fat Transfers

Fat transfers involve removing fat from specific areas of the body and placing it into a new location. This provides the patient with the benefits of smoothing one area while adding fullness to another area during the same procedure. There are several areas of the body that surgeons perform this procedure on the most.

The Most Common Areas for Fat Transfers


Over the past few years, fat transfers to the breast have grown in popularity. These transfers allow women to achieve larger breasts without having to go through a full breast implant surgery. They also benefit from not having a foreign body placed into their own breasts. Fat transfers to the breast can provide a boost of fullness.


This is a popular option among women as it allows them to enhance the volume of their buttocks and contour the area. Fat transfer to the buttocks can immediately and significantly change its appearance.


Men typically opt for fat transfers to the abdominal area. This procedure helps men create the appearance of having a highly coveted and sculpted six-pack. This procedure involves liposuctioning the abs in a specific way to highlight the muscles and define the area. The fat is then replaced into specific areas of the abs to accentuate the muscle lines.


Injected fat tends to last a lot longer in the face than fillers. For this reason, the face is one of the most popular areas where fat transfers are performed. This procedure can help patients enhance their jawline and cheekbones, helping them achieve the contour they desire.


It is increasingly common for patients, especially men, to get fat transfers on the biceps and triceps. The surgeon uses fat grafting to bulk up the area and shape it, creating a more muscular and cut appearance.

See If Fat Transfers in Williamsville, NY, Are Right for You

Fat transfers can help you achieve the body of your dreams by tackling two problem areas at the same time. Dr. Bertolino at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics uses advanced equipment and treatment designed to help individuals restore a more youthful and desirable appearance while developing healthier skin in the process.

If you would like to see if fat transfers can help you achieve your body goals, contact Dr. Bertolino at 716-633-6100 to schedule an appointment at his Williamsville, NY, office.

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