Autocorre: A Revolutionary Regenerative Aesthetic Treatment

Autocorre Autocorre is a revolutionary new regenerative aesthetics approach now available at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics. Focusing on the body’s natural healing processes, regenerative aesthetics like Autocorre improve or restore one’s appearance using the patient’s own blood.

Autocorre is a minimally invasive treatment using a patient’s own blood to stimulate collagen production and promote cellular regeneration. These beneficial cells are rich in platelets and growth factors. Growth factors are essential in wound healing, tissue regeneration, and blood vessel formation.

How Does Autocorre Work?

Here’s how Autocorre works:

  1. Blood Draw: A small blood sample is drawn.
  2. Processing: The blood is processed to isolate beneficial components.
  3. Gel Creation: Plasma gel is separated and cooled.
  4. PRP Incorporation: Concentrated, uncooked PRP is added back, trapping platelets and growth factors within the gel.
  5. Injection: The final Autocorre gel is injected into targeted areas.

Embedded platelets slowly release growth factors, attracting stem cells and stimulating collagen production for natural rejuvenation.

The Many Benefits of Autocorre

Autocorre’s use of the patient’s own blood minimizes the risks of allergic reactions compared to traditional treatments and procedures. Autocorre also benefits patients by requiring minimal recovery time and offering an enhanced safety profile. Autocorre has also been shown to be effective in:

  • Facial volume restoration
  • Improving skin laxity
  • Softening and removing wrinkles
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Sexual health
  • Male penile augmentation

Autocorre also boasts a long-lasting result. Patients generally have two visits, six weeks apart, and then maintenance every one to two years.

Autocorre Safety and Potential Side Effects

Autocorre is noted for its safety when performed by a qualified healthcare professional. Because it’s autologous, Autocorre is considerably safer than many other treatments.

Since Autocorre is injected, patients might experience mild swelling, bruising, and other temporary discomfort after receiving the procedure.

Experience Autocorre For Yourself

Autocorre represents a breakthrough advancement in regenerative aesthetics. It offers patients a safe and effective method to achieve natural-looking, revitalized skin with less risk and minimal discomfort.

Are you ready for Autocorre? We’re ready to answer your questions about this revolutionary new treatment at Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Jack Bertolino, MD, by calling 716-633-6100 or completing our online form.

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