Which Dermal Filler Is Best for You?

In a world where aging gracefully has been made easier thanks to medical advancements, dermal fillers are a no-brainer for many looking to reduce wrinkles or enhance their facial appearance.

Dermal fillers are safe and effective and can give you back the volume that’s lost over time. But with different types available, how do you know which dermal filler is best for you? Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics, led by Dr. Jack G. Bertolino in Buffalo, NY, offers various options to suit different needs.

Radiesse®: Long-lasting Beauty

Radiesse® stands out among dermal fillers as an FDA-approved solution designed to correct facial lines and wrinkles like nasolabial folds. Made of calcium-based microspheres in a water-based gel, Radiesse is now well-known for its immediate improvement in treated areas. The effects may last a year or more, and the filler even stimulates the body to produce new collagen. For those seeking long-lasting results and natural collagen stimulation, Radiesse is a solid option.

Belotero Balance®: Versatility and Adaptation

Belotero Balance® Dermal Filler is another excellent option, designed to integrate into the skin and mold to your unique facial contours. With its hyaluronic acid composition, Belotero adapts to the skin, providing a soft correction that’s strong enough for deep treatment areas yet still gentle enough for delicate sections like vertical lip lines. Belotero’s ability to bind to water enables immediate and smooth correction, making it a suitable choice for those looking for adaptability and a natural feel.

ALMI: A Natural Facial Filler

ALMI goes beyond standard synthetic dermal fillers by employing stem cells from fat and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to increase collagen formation and the natural blood supply. ALMI’s natural composition means it lasts longer and appears more authentic compared to other options. If you prioritize an entirely natural approach that works with your body’s own materials, ALMI could be the way to go.

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