How to Get Lips that Will Make Kylie Jenner Jealous

Dermal Fillers Buffalo, NY Kylie Jenner stunned her fans a few years ago when she started taking selfies with noticeably larger lips. And although she tried to continually put people off for months by claiming her injections weren’t injections but just lip liner, she finally ended up admitting it on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So, how exactly did Kylie Jenner get those plump, sexy lips and how can you get a pout that will make her jealous? Read on to learn more.


One thing Kylie finally fessed up to was using temporary lip fillers to enhance her otherwise skinny lips. If you want to add volume and contour to your lips, Dr. Jack Bertolino can use a filler like either Juvederm or Restylane. Composed of a common ingredient called hyaluronic acid, these types of fillers are safe, natural, and effective. By injecting your lips directly with a filler, Dr. Jack Bertolino will be able to mold your lips so that they are the right shape and size that you want.


Implants are not as common as fillers because they are more permanent and require surgery. Similar to breast implants, lip implants are typically made of a saline solution and are inserted under your lips to help add volume to your pout. Once the implant has been placed, your lips will be stitched up, and you will be sent off to recovery.

Add More Makeup

Whether you decide to get fillers or implants, take your lips to the next level and apply a combination of lip liner and lipstick. By accentuating your already full pout, these lip products will take your sexy pout to a whole new level.

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