Fall Is The Perfect Time To “Brush Your Body”

body brushing Your skin is your body’s largest organ. So, when was the last time you pampered it? Body Brushing is the perfect pampering treatment for your body – it can greatly improve the health of your skin and leave it with a glow and tingle.

Besides pampering, body brushing offers many benefits to your overall health. Here’s are nine reasons why:

  1. Your skin is complex. It is made up of nerves, glands and cells that, when healthy, serve as buffers that protect your body from extreme temperatures and chemicals.
  2. Your skin also produces antibacterial substances to protect you from infection.
  3. Your skin supports detoxification. But if your skin is overrun with toxins or dead skin cells, it is not able to efficiently eliminate wastes from your body
  4. This is where body brushing comes in. It not only brushes off dead skin cells but also activates waste removal via your lymph nodes.
  5. Body brushing increases circulation to your skin and increases blood flow which encourages the elimination of metabolic waste.
  6. Body brushing removes dead dry skin, clears clogged pores and allows your skin to breathe.
  7. Body brushing may help soften hard fat deposits below your skin while distributing fat deposits more evenly. This may help to diminish the appearance of cellulite.
  8. By stimulating your lymphatic system, body brushing helps it release toxins. Body brushing may go even deeper, helping support your digestion and organ function.
  9. The act of body brushing has been described as meditative. It may reduce muscle tension, calm your mind, and relieve stress.

Brush in the morning before you shower – that’s the ideal time. First, get yourself a proper brush; look for a brush with firm, natural bristles. A long handle will allow you to access hard-to-reach areas. Using long, upward strokes, start brushing at your feet and work up your legs. Move up your back and across your chest. Finish by brushing your arms upward toward your armpits.

Dr. Bertolino offers a myriad of in-office body-enhancing treatments. Call to schedule an appointment to learn more, today: (716) 633-6100.

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